our teetsie is missing...

you've seen this girl before...

well...so far memorial day weekend has been dampered by the fact that this big loveable lady, our 13 year old cat Cleo, has suddenly vanished.

she is a very sweet and lazy cat who never wanders, so we're racking our brains trying to think what could have happened to her. you might recall that last year around this time we lost our precious little boy bandini...is there something wild in this neighborhood snatching cats? the idea freaks me out a bit. or maybe i'm just watching way too much twin peaks lately.

anyway i miss cleo! her favorite spot to plop and stay awhile is right here on our pillows:

she is kind of the leader of our little cat community around here (that's her on the left just a couple weeks ago) and the other two gals are lost and lonely without her.

we call her clee clee, teetsie, or teets. addie calls her "gypsy eyes," or "gypsy princess."

she would be loving hanging out and rolling around on the this sunny sunday with me.
i miss her dreadfully.
i keep thinking i see her at the door doing this:

she was declawed years ago (before i inherited her) which makes it extra scary that she is missing.
but it also makes me long for the soft little sound of her rubbing her paws on everything: the screen door, my backpack, a plastic bag, the wooly yellow rug. she is a touchy-feely sort of cat!
i also just love her pleasant peaceful little chirpy meow around the house and the way she relishes eating and snuggling. she is such a sweetheart and my heart is broken over this.
one last thing, remember my lover-boy cat  stormy who died around new years?
cleo was his best friend/life partner. they snuggled blissfully for hours a day.
after his death she became more affectionate toward us humans in her life (though she's always been a sweetie) but i still don't know if she ever got over losing her companion.
however, she has maintained her sweet happy healthy attitude and just loves being loved.

well, whatever happens please pray for cleo and send good energy.
i'm really trying to think positive and stay optimistic.

sorry for being glum...
happier posts are on the way.


I hope and pray your Clee-clee finds her way back home. Hugs. -Bella Q
Leora said…
Noooo! My heart meows for you. Thinking good thoughts for her safe return. xo
AmyK said…
I'm kitty-sitting for my dad this weekend and was terrified when I couldn't find two of the four kitties... but then I found them sleeping in the rafters in the garage.

I hope Cleo is hiding somewhere silly like that, too.
marika said…
eeee! I really hope she comes home to you! Sending good thoughts...
Missa said…
Oh no! I'm so sorry Heather, I hope you guys find your beautiful kitty soon. I'll be sending homeward thoughts to her.

Be sure to check online with your local animal rescue, especially if she wasn't wearing a collar with her info it. Our cat was once missing for over a week, which wasn't totally alarming because he would wander sometimes but one night I randomly decided to click through the photos of found kitties at the shelter and there he was!
Cel said…
Oh no, I hope you find her. I know how horrible it feels to lose a pet like that, without really knowing what happened. I love my own cat to bits, so I feel for you. You and your sweet little kitty will be in my thoughts, and hopefully she gets to come home to you.
Anonymous said…
One of my cats disappeared for days and as it turned out, he got locked in a water treatment building right next to our house. It's possible that she just got shut in someone's tool shed, so it's definitely good that you put that on the poster.

Have faith, Heather! I hope she comes home soon.

Lots of love.
thanks ladies for your kindness and sweet words. she's not back yet but i'm keeping on hoping and scouring the neighborhood, and yes shelters...no sign of her yet! the little gypsy girl just vanished and i'm hoping her adventures are almost over and she'll be home sweet home.
oh I hope she's found! I could not bear to have a missing kitty! sending her calm, healthy, homeward bound vibes.
Amy Beatty said…
NO, not sweet beautiful kee kee. I hope she turns up soon. It makes me think of Abby, and she came back it just took forever.... HOpefully she will be home soon batting your face with those sweet pom pom paws xoxo
Courtney said…
Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry to hear this! Hopefully she is just out for an adventure and will return home safe and sound very very soon. I'll keep her in my thoughts.
ZombieLace said…
Awww I'm so sorry :~( I have a geriatric cat as well (15!) and I would be miserable if she went missing. All the stuff you described about her little habits kind of wrenched my heart because it reminds me of my baby's little idiosyncrasies. Not to make you worry more, but sometimes when a cat knows it's her time, she will go off alone to enter the next kitty world. I hope you find her, and if not, I hope her kitty soul rests in peace.
boots said…
is she back yet? oh so sad poor little kitty witty misses you im sure. <3 <3 <3

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