May Fair, Country Girls, Babies, Goats, Pigs, Ferris Wheels and ROCK N ROLL

m'ladies and i took a little jaunt down to the Dixon May Fair.
It's in the agricultural valley just west of Sacramento and some of the main events include "hog calling," "demolition derby," "horse show," and "cow milking" and "junior livestock."
so.....this is what we wore.
we really wanted to feel like country girls, not that it's a stretch.
i came THIS close to wearing another red gingham dress so em and i would be twins but went with the comfy floral and cotton slip instead. because for god's sake, we're turning into the crazy costume ladies of placerville.

and here we are!
announcing the big event of the night - - - PAT BENATAR!!!
we met up with one of my oldest and best friends, kim, who lives in dixon and has the best and cutest little baby in the world, sydney. these thighs, this smile, these twinkling eyes! this baby belongs at the fair and should be taking home every damn prize in the book.

she loved my peacock feathers. i think she's gonna take after her gypsy aunties. don't tell her mama!
sydney loved all the animals so much.
and so did we....

we took a sunset ride on the tallest ferris wheel in california

and we're ready to go rock out!
after a sidetrack for some churros to warm our bellies because as the sun went down it got chilllyyy and winnnnnddddy, something us gals from the hills did not anticipate.

we basically had to huddle for warmth.

but then miss benatar appeared and proceeded to ROCK our damn socks off.
she is seriously soooo amazing, her voice kills is country roads and city streets and late nights with a bottle of vodka and sexy boots and wildflowers and salty ocean and witches and strong women and bonfires and everything wild and full of power and sadness and truth and chaos and bliss.
i think i'll have to make another post just about pat benatar as a style icon and leader of women's empowerment in the early 80s.
we made a little dance club of our own off to the side.
our own little BATTLEFIELD OF LOVE.
energized, full of light and thunder, we headed home.


Anonymous said…
That looks like such a fun fair, and complete with cotton candy and popcorn. So glad you and your gals pals dressed the part. On a side note, I am desperately trying to remember the name of that ride you photographed toward the end of the post. It used to be my favorite, but it's been ages since I've been to a county fair!
Amy Beatty said…
Looks like you guys had so much fun. You all looked so cute, but kims baby does in deed take the cake in cuteness. What a sweetie pie. P.S. It is the Zipper Dalena, it was my very favorite too. Until someone at our fair fell out of it. Good ole Placerville fair.
great photos. you ladies all look so lovely.
Milla said…
I love you guys! You are just the cutest little bunch of girls.

I got my package and man did I love it as well! Oh my gosh, thank you so much. Yours is on the way, and hopefully will match the wonderfulness of yours. Big hugs!
Missa said…
Now this is some serious down home goodness and you girls just kill me in your adorable outfits! So. Much. Fun. I always look forward to when our local fair rolls around in the summertime :)
Teenysparkles said…
Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Hoe-downs never looked so good. And here I am planning our Winter solstice party.
Robyn said…
Gingham. Cowboy boots. Lace. Pat effing benetar..... I could not be more jealous.
Starr Crow said…
prairie dress cuteness overload! every last one of you girls looks precious in your liberty prints and cowgirl boots. what a fun time! that's one pretty baby too. gorgeous eyes on that little lady.

will you email your address here:

i've got a dress to get to you!! :)
Courtney said…
That looks like the best way to spend a day/night! And as always, the dresses are adorable. I'm just a little bit jealous that you saw Pat Benatar - that is just amazing!
anne said…
what a blast! pat benatar rules! i'm sure seeing her live was loads of fun :D love your dress, boots and hat. a perfect combo!

thanks for your sweet words on my goals post. i agree with you 100%. it's so true about sunshine! i couldn't have said better :D
Violet Folklore said…
Please tell your girl Emily that I'm about to raid her closet.

Yay for mom pics! I can so see you and Adie in her younger shots!

and OMG am I escited for your Etsy updates!
Papa Dan said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Papa Dan said…
Honey I finally read/observed your blog site abt. the Dixon fair like you said. You guys had a really good time I'm sure. I also loved the pictures and notes for your Mother's Day blogette. Good job. She never was anything but beautiful. And oh what beautiful daughters
It looks like so much fun!! Family, Friends and amazing outfits what more can we get!!!like they say the best things in life are free♥

Amazing blog I’ll talk to you soon!
It looks like so much fun!! Family, Friends and amazing outfits what more can we get!!!like they say the best things in life are free♥

Amazing blog I’ll talk to you soon!

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