my treasure; misty-blue and green-wonder photo shoot; overjoyous dresses and dreams

the girls came over in the afternoon and got ready for our photo shoot and even though the sky was teetering on the edge of rain, we headed out into the beautiful countryside.

we went back to Larsen Ranch, the place where i took the apple photos yesterday.
a little creek runs through rolling green hillsides with a grotto and twinkling waterfalls; a great creaky wooden water-wheel sits in quiet repose; blackberry brambles gather fresh misty dewdrops. 
and the girls were breathtakingly lovely in this perfect setting.
and my vintage dresses were of the softest cloud blue watercolor sky palette, whispery ghost ladies traipsing through mystical lands...

all of these pretty pretty dresses are floating their soft dreamy way into my shop tomorrow.
and yes, two of them are real live gunnes and all of them are ruffles and lace and picnics and baskets and wildflowers and crystals and sugar and spice and everything nice!

and by the way, as we drove away in my big black rumbly old van, the skies broke open and poured down upon the world. and we went home to get safe and warm and puzzle over this strange california may weather.

and here's what i wore:
 i hardly ever enter giveaways except for every great once in a while if i see something i simply love or really want to support. well, i'm now a believer cause I WON!!! (yeah, it's that easy to win me over...)

i am proud to say that i was winner of this adorable giveaway at A Thought is the Blossom and today i got my cute little polka dot dress all the way from Shop Dixi in the UK!  

it's a little small for my hips (i figured it would be) making it VERY SHORT on me. instead of showing you all my winter-white thighs, i paired it with my lacy cotton slip for now, and i wore it as a blouse the rest of the day under a vintage cream wrap-around skirt:

i'm in love with the color and the lace detail and the soft chiffony fabric.
it all just makes me ridiculously happy.

and then i saw this lizard:
and these daisies growing wild out of a broken plastic pot by the trash:

all in all, another lovely country day and most of all...
thank you so much to the lovely girls: ryann, emily, jackie and brittney!


Amy Beatty said…
Ryanns dress is my favorite. So perfect and summery. I love that area. It is always so beautiful up there, makes me want fall already. I can't believe how adorable that dress is on YOU. It is the cutest thing ever. in the first picture I didn't know it was a dress and I thought, where in the world did Heather find the most perfect shirt in the WHOLE world?! I love it and even more perfect that it is a dress.
AdieSpringB said…
Oh hun! It's so beautiful! I love love love the pic with Ryann and Jackie and the basket at the table and the wheel in the background. It's totally out of my favorite kind of indie mag or something! I wish I had gone! Who would have known how beautiful it could turn out, even on a rainy day! Well, despite our lack of normal warm Spring this year..... the cold and rain sure make the world around us a bright, bright, fairy green. Absolutely lush and gorgeous photos! I want to be in one now! While the grass is still green and lush! Let's go back to Camino somewhere, it's so perfect there.

Out of a dream, it really is.
Teenysparkles said…
I saw your blue dress before reading the text ....and I was all...oooh hope it hasnt' sold yet..and then I discovered it is yours! It looks gorgeous on you! Congrats for winning the giveaway. There is something very Fleetwood mac about those dresses and lovely ladies in em.
Nicky said…
These photos are screaming Anne of Greene Gables! They are SO adorable- I love that your group of girlfriends all went out and took these in such a pretty setting! LOVE your giveaway dress too- congrats- its beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Awh it looks lovely on you, I love how you have styled it! :))!

It made me laugh...&then I saw a lizard haha how random.

boots said…
it looks great on you, your such a lucky lady!
you should play the lotto, and if you win, just keep little ol me in mind.
these dresses would make perfect brides maids gowns and, it looks like a pretty spring outdoor blue wedding. <3 or maybe i just have wedding on the brain.
beautiful girls... looks like a fun afternoon :)
Starr Crow said…
this is brilliant Heather. seeing these lovely Gunnes floating around in the lush California prairie land makes me crave the country. you had me at hello with the color palette, and the dreamy feel i get from the material. the white one is my dream dress for summer. beautiful models too! oh... and the quilt for the tablecloth. i just love it.

you look smoking hot in your new dress too. love the slip underneath and the photo of you laying in the grass. you make the Dixi dress look so good! so glad you won it. :)
marika said…
Prarie goddess gowns! How dreamy!
Kelsie Lynn said…
whhoa beautiful pictures. love everything from the dresses to the nature to the blanket tablecloth to the lizard.

(ps. thanks for your comment :) I didnt even end up buying it. so expensive! and lets be honest, i hate wearing foundation anyway haha)

(pps. you should totally be getting a letter soon! and im really sorry i just kept writing and writing. its too long haha. but ..egh)
Violet Folklore said…
SOOOOO beautiful! What a lovely afternoon with your besties! The dresses are gorgeous. And my favorite one is the one you won, pretty pretty!

Heather you leave the best comments on my blog, I so appreciate the time and thoughtfulness you put into each one. I feel like we are BFFs even though we've only met twice! Git up here!!

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