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montana moments

this is my last glacier post, i promise. i should probably be a-movin on. but i promised i would write some stories (i'm sure this only matters to myself, but that counts) and anyway it turns out there are way too many to enumerate, too many favorites. so i'm throwing out some favorite photos that capture some things i loved from our trip to montana and glacier national park. i could have done three hundred of these but i randomly chose a few.

here we are, the girls, toasting to our very own glacier park trip at the pub in west glacier early on in our trip. the pub was full of river guides and locals and we flounced about meeting everyone and received the compliment that we did not seem like tourists, yay! joey looking (and feeling) like mister james dean, way too cool with his shotta whiskey.

Addie and I in Lake McDonald, the largest lake in Glacier National Park. Out there in all that magnificence, just out there...nothing like it...and i want to be there inside myself at all …

cast and crew of glacier trip

Welp i said seventeen, and yes 17!!! of us there were:my friend carolAnn said we look like a camp! that would be my kinda camp for sure. Introducing the cast and crew: Pops, Daniel James Beatty, our loving and good-natured patriarch. The one who instilled this grand old love for the wild world in each of us. He's actually a pretty good hiker too. The sunshine dad, full of friendly enthusiasm for everyone and everything.
The glorious Adrienne Beatty, eldest sibling and our rebel leader. Ice machines are her favorite and she vocally despises bad weather. Animal lover extraordinaire with too soft a heart and a jolting passion for ideas and music. Makes people laugh so hard they pee their pants.Next up is good old me, heather spring beatty. A little too loud and a little unruly but just unabashedly happy to be right where i belong having fun with all those i love so dearly.My brother the illustrious Matt, adventurer and father and naturalist and genius. Knows a little about everything...…

Isis on the Highways

This is my youngest dashing brother Joey, aka Fofe, in front of my big black van Isis. It took a lot of work to get this beauty out on the roads again, insured and registered and smogged and all that, and finally here we are starting our trek to Montana in the wee hours of the morning on August 7, 2009. At this point, twenty miles from home meeting up with our caravan partners, I had no idea if Isis would be able to handle this journey. There were seven of us and all our camping and backpacking gear crammed into each nook and cranny.
An hour earlier, back at home, I'd had to go pick up my lovely and crazy sister Addie who was threatening that she wasn't going to come. It was four AM and she was tired and she had too much to pack and she needed a little sisterly encouragement. Feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, I was up for the challenge and she cheered up quickly and we got her all loaded up into Isis. She snapped this Roid of me packing our goodies into the overflowing va…

these are the roads i've been trodding

Makes it kinda hard to return to the "real" world.
I want to tell the whole story of our adventures up in the northern lands.
Right now blogging doesn't somehow appeal. But I'll be back!

summer fun with babes and lades

monday night july 27 we had another little backyard bonanza that included cervezas, corn, all sorts of veg dogs and burgs, lovely sunshiney fruit, a game of dress-up in my room with the ladies, and some romps into the pool.
here is some ROIDIC evidence of the night.we even had SYLVAN! he and stormy love each other and i tried to capture them touching noses. but missed. jocelyn and doniella in two dresses from my closet. we all raided my closet and threw on different frocks. ended up with a sort of purply/navy blue theme.
next day, river day. darin accompanied us gals, oh my dear lady friends, to our most beloved river spot out in swansboro. after a nice dusty steep hike down, we were SO READY to be refreshed.
and refreshed we were. in spirit, mind and body. sounds cheesy but i'm sort of not kidding. it had been an emotional night and morning with some argumentative tones running rampant. not with doniella and carolann of course, but between me and my hub and even me and addie.