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a date with this dude...

after a week of lots of work and social engagements every single night,  saturday me and this weird wacky and wonderful hub of mine decided to opt out of everything else going on. we absconded from town for a sacramento date. just like the old days, took us back to the early 2000s when we'd gallivant the streets of midtown at all hours.

 we hit up our favorite theater, the majestic and old fashioned Tower, where the seats are funky and old, the air is warm and sticky, the popcorn is greasy, the bathrooms are pink and everything is just right. we went to finally see the new film by one of our favorite directors, Terrence Malick. darin has been on the edge of his seat to see this one; both of us have literally been waiting for years. it did not disappoint, oh no no no. have you seen it yet? if so, i really wish we could have a cup of coffee together and rehash it all. please go see for yourself, o spacious hearts. the Tree of Life. (don't read the review though, just go see it …

summer solstice magic and music

it was like the day cast in magic light. at the bookstore i worked with sharon, a wise woman who knows healing and herbs and energies. sharon brought organic strawberries to share with me, and tiny silver forks to eat them with. our friend noel came to visit with her new baby wyatt. we got flowers from a local beekeeper gal, straight from her vigorous garden.

in the evening we went to play at lotus park down by the river with our friends. in celebration, i opened a bottle of madrona wine, a delicious and refreshing dry riesling, that was a gift from our friend tim wright a couple years back. (i'd been saving it for the right moment!)

beauty. summer. skin. sunshine.
dogs. water. sparkle. dive. flow. grass. wine. run. wild.
the photos really speak for themselves, that feeling, oh how it kills me, flowing through me when the seasons change and making me know i am part of it all, we are all together, and every last little tiny particle glowing and hot and love.

now that i…

one hot sweaty summer night

it was a hot sticky summer evening. the bookstore owners were on vacation so i was working lots of hours and i'd just gotten finished with a sweaty, running-around, book-buying, book-cleaning, stacking and shelving and running errands around town kinda day.
went to visit my hub at work. i am pleased to report that there's an adorable girl kitten living at the shelter that they've tamed and named patches. darin works at a youth shelter for runaways and at-risk kids but there were no children there that night so i brought him a dvd to watch and visited the kitties... she looks a little like my bean. and there goes mama scurrying off, she's shy. and they both have half-size tails!
dressed up in my summertime clothes.
a homemade flower pin from teeny, necklace made for me by my friend mallory: o lucky rosy gifts.

summertime requires skirts with pockets. for bobbypins, sticks of gum, snippets of rosemary, a treat, a trivia card, or a cube of ice.
after that i was heading s…