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your sun is shining

lucy and i each drew tarot cards the other day for a simple spread: past, present and future.
my spread:  past = daughter of cups (playful youthfulness, strong feelings, going with the flow)  present = the Sun (more on that in a moment) future: shaman of cups (focused awareness, the dark power and force of the moon, spiritual purpose)

lucy's spread:  past = 10 of discs (her birth! also the card i used to draw when i would mentally inquire about my issues with infertility)  present = 3 of wands (communication and self-expression, her learning to talk!) future = the Moon (dreaming time, yield to the unconscious, bioryhythms... her future adolescence?)

i love that the Present in my reading is the Sun. This is truly my life right now: in my Motherpeace deck, "a butterfly is superimposed on the Sun. Archetypal symbol of rebirth, the butterfly is one of Nature's most delightful and marvelous creatures and is moves out of the chrysalis state and into the light. Though a process…

bunnies and eggs and chicks oh my!

i have always loved easter, with its festive springtime displays, but i never really knew what to do with it. i have always dreamt of doing a sort of "sunday service" out in nature or in our backyard, representing the ageless dramas of the gods and goddesses, the passage of time, the secrets of the seasons. a little spiritual connection made possible by a day given special resonance by our present day culture. 
and i do hope to incorporate some meaningful ceremonies as the girls get older. but for now, with these babies about, it's just colored eggs and baskets of goodies and fun. a big old spring celebration!

the big morning:
lucy is still too young to conceptualize a giant bunny coming and bringing treats, but she sure had fun looking through her basket nonetheless. and i, of course, gave into the consumerist trickery and bought the girls bathing suits on clearance at target, along with some other impractical hogwash for which i quickly felt regret. but the best-loved…