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I can't believe a week has already passed since this special day, a day we talked about for not weeks but months! The Dinosaur Party. 

Lucy and I both love to plan a fun theme party. We talked about details on and off for quite some time. We started creating the cardboard dinosaurs a couple weeks ago, and she and Polly did quite a lot of "helping" with paint, much to my chagrin. Making and planning for a party is mighty complicated by the presence of unruly toddlers, but also exhilarating because every detail is such a wonder.

She was probably most excited about the "Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur" game we planned. I painted the ankylosaurus and Emmy made five tails for it of cardstock. 

Darin asked why I made a giant rat head, but this was Tootie's reaction to my T-Rex watermelon creation:
Darin made the purple pteranadon, arguably the best dinosaur of the bunch, but somebody's gotta knock them out without such hard-to-cut detail as that tongue! And my …