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home is wherever i'm with you

september has become the month of cute overalls around here.  lucy has grown to fit into several different adorable pairs of vintage overalls featuring corduroy, lace, and homey scenes. vintage overalls are one of my favorite things for babies to wear, they are practical, comfortable and cute and versatile through the seasons.

 these came from my friend jocelyn who received a bunch of baby clothes from her neighbor niccole. most of them were from niccole's own childhood in the 1970s and some were even homemade by her own mama. i could not believe my luck to be on the receiving end of such perfect treasures and i asked why niccole didn't want them for her own daughter. jocelyn said, "she just wasn't into the vintage thing." wow! i can't even imagine, that never even occured to me!

it is so fun to play with our cuddly little baby who can smile so brightly and attempt to converse. her talking is so adorable and she concentrates so intently.

 happy full moon ton…

Eternal Return

the wheel keeps turning, the universe is expanding and possibilities are infinite. time is cyclical and fall is officially here. not in our weather or clothes, for us here in these dry northern cali hills, but in our hearts.
meanwhile, and perhaps best of all ;)  apparently outfit shots are back!
this outfit was nothing much special, but i felt almost back to normal.
i thrifted the high waisted rayon floral 90s skirt for pure comfort. the blouse i got from becky at a clothing exchange and shirts with buttons have taken on a new significance.

still most of my old clothes (especially tops) are a bit too snug and i don't have much of a waist to speak of, but i aint complaining. i have a baby that takes my breath away with her amazingness :)
speaking of which, lucy did some outfit shots too.  this was her first time trying on shoes.

they were tiny vintage saddle shoes that my brother wore in probably 1979. she was none too pleased, so that didn't last long. a summer baby wears ba…

Lucy's First ROAD TRIP!

so as i mentioned before, we took lucy on her first road trip to celebrate addie's birthday with a trip down into the eastern sierra. from our town to lone pine it is usually about a five hour trip. well it took us closer to eight this time :) if you've got time to spare, it is not so bad traveling with a two month old!
luce was very good on the road. she is much more comfortable in her carseat now that we took the infant insert out and she tends to fall asleep while the car is moving. but...after she wakes up, there is only one thing she wants....the booby. and there is a very limited window of time to give it to her before the real screaming begins, which sends us into a little panic because it doesn't happen very often so we take it seriously.
i learned to enjoy taking time out on the side of the road for nursing. you get a whole new perspective; you stop in unexpected places and sit on stumps and bond with your baby and breathe fresh mountain air.
we stopped in the cu…