September's Saving Grace #4

......Addie's birthday!

just like many of you who commented that you actually love september cause it's your birthday month, it is my sister's birthday month too. and the great thing about that is we always go on a little road trip together! (you might remember from past years)

these photos are just a quick sneak peek! i'm working on a whole big post about our trip....but for now, here we are in lone pine california in the eastern sierra. 

desert queen!!!

lucy loves her aunty! addie's little spontaneous songs and rhythms and jigs keep her wonderfully entertained.  what makes everything even more exciting is that little cousin growing in there!

happy birthday to my sister and best friend, and to all you other september birthdays out there!
i'll be back with lots more about our trip soon!


Milla said…
Happy Birthday Dear Adie!
Milla said…
Happy Birthday Dear Adie!
Milla said…
Happy Birthday Dear Adie!
Milla said…
Happy Birthday Dear Adie!
Milla said…
And once more with feeling! ;D oops. But Adie is awesome and we adore her, so hip hip hurraa times 4!
Heather said…
Happy Birthday to your Sis Addie ~So sweet that you spend time together each year!! good memories ...makes me want a Sister!! ~Love Heather
Janet said…
Happy Birthday wishes to your sis, Addie!! and thank you, Heather for your birthday wishes.. :) I had a fantastic birthday!! these pictures look so fun, looking forward in seeing the sister trip!!! :)
awww, sisters are so special. and so are cousins! my mom and one of her sisters were exceptionally close, only born 10 months apart. she was my dearest aunt and i was raised with her kids who were close in age. so many special special memories. she passed away almost 13 years ago, but those bonds stay forever. here's to you and your sister and your amazing trip!
Teeny said…
you know, i can't think that i'm as proud of anyone as I am of you right in this moment that you are taking Lucy with you into your life....she is just going to have the best existence in the world with your adventurous spirit and all the love and light around you guys. much love Heather.

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