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The Ragtag Travelers : Part 2

so where were we? oh yeah. waking up in a campground in moab. I forgot to mention that our first night at Kane Creek there was just one big party, with loud music blasting from the guys next to us who had a generator and one of those giant sleek trailers for hauling their off-road vehicles, impromtu dance parties, kids running amok, lines at the pit toilet, campfires and beer and loud laughter and pick-ups. addie said it had a burning man vibe. it was kinda crazy. but at 10:00 things immediately piped down, our neighbors turned their music up to a roar of thumping techno beats at 9:53 then abruptly switched it off with a dramatic flourish. the girls promptly fell asleep at that point and we all slept like snoring logs to the sound of the colorado river.
the joy of a camping morning. darin got up early just like at home and made us a nice french press pot of coffee, complete with a few gritty grinds, wouldn't be camping without'm.
after oatmeal, we took a little excursion up t…