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Utah Birthday Trip - Part One

We left last Wednesday on a road trip to visit my brother's family in Utah. It was a much-needed visit and it did my heart endless good. I like to get out there and visit them a couple times a year but it's been a little harder since we've had babies. Matt and Amy come out here a few times a year as well, and we have our big family trips together in the summer, but it never feels like enough time together. Then again, our time together is always extra cherished, full of fun and unforgettable.
We tried to get an early start as the drive takes us at least twelve hours. My dad was with us too, following behind in his own car. After the first couple hours, we stopped at Grandma Cherie's house in Reno for a quick visit and my mom was there too. The fact that the girls got to visit one of their favorite places: Grandpa Corry's backyard, was made extra special by a bonus treat: SNOW.

We were sent on our way with cookies and root beer and hugs and kisses and I'm sure …