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Where have I been?

Hi lovely friends! In case you've been wondering why i've been totally off the radar for a few weeks, it's because my computer broke when i spilled a glass of water on it. except maybe it didn't actually break cause this morning i said to darin, hey could you pop that battery in and try it out one more time? and lo and behold, it came on! so here i am, and i hope i'm back to stay!

i had several posts i thought of putting up while my computer was down, but i think i'll just offer a mish mash of photos since weve been back from our trip.

flowers from our garden all around the house for mayday....

lucy trying out the swing emmy got her way back before she was even born. it's a hit!
a hike down to the river, our favorite spot on the Cosumnes....
wildflowers all along the way.

lucy LOVED the river. and our river ain't warm. she sat right down in it and splashed about.

river family.
backyard hang outs with friends.
i missed the kiss, but let me tell ya this g…

Ocean Spell - part four of our spring trip, Big Sur

Big Sur always feels like you are walking into a magic spell. Driving up the cliffside curves of the Pacific Coast Highway you feel like you are skipping along a very thin boundary between heaven, earth, and sea. You feel like you might just float off into the mist or, if you look long enough at the waves, you might just turn into a dolphin and swim away.
This time, as we made the drive up from Point Mugu, something magical indeed happened.

I pulled over to take some routine photographs. Not surprising for me, and often necessary on a gorgeous day in Big Sur, when the water is turquoise way down below, and there are wildflowers blooming on the hillsides, swirling crashing waves full of whales and sea lions, and perhaps even a sparkling waterfall.

but this time as i wandered just a wee bit up the road, hikers on the trail down below and traveling cars passing by, i noticed a cliffside roost nearby with several massive black birds. Cool, i thought, vultures. darin loves vultures, they …