Where have I been?

Hi lovely friends! In case you've been wondering why i've been totally off the radar for a few weeks, it's because my computer broke when i spilled a glass of water on it. except maybe it didn't actually break cause this morning i said to darin, hey could you pop that battery in and try it out one more time? and lo and behold, it came on! so here i am, and i hope i'm back to stay!

i had several posts i thought of putting up while my computer was down, but i think i'll just offer a mish mash of photos since weve been back from our trip.

flowers from our garden all around the house for mayday....

lucy trying out the swing emmy got her way back before she was even born. it's a hit!

a hike down to the river, our favorite spot on the Cosumnes....

wildflowers all along the way.

lucy LOVED the river. and our river ain't warm. she sat right down in it and splashed about.

river family.

backyard hang outs with friends.

i missed the kiss, but let me tell ya this girl LOVES her friend sylvan.

and playing in the water with oliver!

another river hang out, this time at the American (which is even colder!)

this time addie and utah came to join us!

my first mother's day! darin and lucy let me sleep in till 9 and then brought me treats in bed.

we found a cool Barn Sale out in the country.

then we all met up over at my mom's for some good motherly hanging out.

my mother's day present to myself...a new pool for my backyard. i'm a dork about my little swimming pools. gotta have it, all summer long. it makes my life bliss. lucy loved crawling the perimeter around and around as it filled up a little bit with nice fresh cold water.

then she turned ten months old!

and that night there was a hippie music festival down by the river and darin played bass in the band Flannel. 

we ate strawberries, danced, and enjoyed the music and all the tie dye.

that sunday i drove all the way down to discovery bay to attend my old friend kim's daughter's birthday. 
it was the longest trip i've taken alone with lucy and although we had some difficult moments and i was utterly exhausted by the end of the day, overall i was pretty proud of us!

lucy had a great time playing in sydney's playroom. baby heaven...nothin but toys and soft carpet and a million things to pick up, check out, and put together, and surrounded by lots of other kids and babies. here she is meeting little ayla, what a doll! when lucy sees other kids playing she makes this high pitched little cooing scream; she does it to the cats too. i think she thinks it sounds cute, and she feels like she is joining the conversation.

our girls getting to know each other :)

so that's just a smidgen of may. i hope you are all radiant with summer delights and i can't wait to go catch up on all your posts! 


Equine Bovine said…
jesus H! lucy and Utah are the cutest freaking babies. I feel my ovaries rumbling :)
Teeny said…
I miss you guys man. This post and all of your photos of the rivers and yard and sunshine reminded me of our own Californian Summer trip. And that beautiful afternoon we got to meet you. I think motherhood and you obviously were meant to be. Loves to you. xx
Jessica said…
I LOVE Lucy's swing-so cute!! It looks like you had a wonderful May!
Jody said…
Where you live looks like heaven! Hippy concerts, rivers, babies, friends, backyard fun, so lucky! :)
Sadhbh said…
Beautiful post. What a gorgeous part of the world you live in! I wish it was warm enough here to have a dip in a river or two - I'm a wee bit jealous!
Tera said…
I love your magical life! I cannot get over those flowers, they are so beautiful. Lucy is gorgeous, those eyes, and I wanna bite her lil, baby thighs!!! Ca-yoot!
anne said…
that swing is awesome! and rivers! oh, rivers are my favorite! great photos and i'm glad you're back :)
Crystal Lee said…
What a lovely May! I am so impressed with the flowers from your garden. They are beautiful. Golly, I wish there were more lakes & rivers near me. I'd be just like little Lucy, braving the freezing waters (maybe). Congrats on the pool!
ryann said…
Heather, I just LOVE reading your blog posts. They are my secret little happy glimpse in the world of home and I so love being able to watch Lu grow throughout all your pics. I love you all so much and am just so thankful that I get to hold on to you all a little tighter by way of your whimsical words and sweet pics :)

missing and loving you always--
dolly anna said…
little lu lu is 10 months old???

ay caramba.

i'm so glad you guys have a pool, i want to dip in..
and i love the little peek at your cute clothesline.

happy freaking june!!!!!!!!!

i hope to see you so soon.

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