Full Bloom

fully ripe solstice mama.

being a summer girl, through and through, i celebrated summer's beginnings for a few days in a row!
a lot of this:
(still love that view. she hangs out a lot on the right, so belly is kinda lopsided)

and then some of this:

got some flowers planted, and our little garden greenies are doing pretty well.

an overnighter to my sister's house in nevada city to take care of their cats and garden while they were away. addie left me a hand drawn map for watering the garden; it felt like a treasure map:

 her garden is prettily bewitched by butterflies, wildflowers, busy bees, and little treats sprouting up everywhere:

grabby-cat with the flowers i picked for my milla-inspired crown:

mine turned out rather slapdash, but what else would you expect from me?
i wore it all day until it wilted away into nothing. people thought i was coming from a festival or something and i got all sorts of sweet compliments.

i can't believe i'm showing this next picture but i can't resist because it was one of our main summer solstice activities: out on addie's deck overlooking gorgeous creek and forest, we made a full bloom belly cast!

back at home, next afternoon, a little more of this (beer, music, golden sunlight, cats, and my lil pool):

i wish you all the most magical summer ever!
i know it is going to be a very special one for me :)


Miss Claire said…
Oh so magical. The garden map would have been exciting to find, and the flower garden is beautiful! What will you do with the cast? I look forward to seeing :) xxx
Jennifer D said…
What a perfectly beautiful Solstice. Thank you for taking me along...and that belly cast is amazing. You look like Mother Nature.
lovely! i have been thinking of you lately, hoping that you are doing well. and clearly, you are!
Tina Dawn said…
Love your grabby-cat photo. You're looking good! Love Tina
Heather said…
Beautiful!! Looks like your having a lovely summer not to much longer and you will be blogging about that little girl you have blooming. Enjoy your summer Heather Be Blessed!! ~Love Heather
Heather said…
Beautiful!! Looks like your having a lovely summer not to much longer and you will be blogging about that little girl you have blooming. Enjoy your summer Heather Be Blessed!! ~Love Heather
Kelsie Lynn said…
Wonderful beautiful lady! I just sent an email to your moonshine junkyard email!!
Amy Beatty said…
ive had to look at this blog a few times. I just love how it is over flowing with a beautiful full life and belly :) starting summer off right! love you in flowers and wish i was floating in that pool with you, it is so dang hot and its 10pm! i can just picture the fun you and darin had making that belly cast!! You are going to love all these last moments together, prepping for sweet lucy. love you guys. and i want to have a bbq with you guys. looking tasty. your blog has been a nice dream for me. I have been having two hours of music lessons every day and tomorrow is my last one before my first blue grass concert this sat. sooo nervous i could die!!!! but it has been a ton of fun. love you!!to think she really could come any day now!!!! I'm sooo excited. I better be in the loop. I don't want to be finding out after the fact. you make papa make the phone calls :)
marygood said…
i am so happy to see this post! i was just going to FB you this morning to see how you were doing. i'm so glad she is still hanging tight and that you are continuing to bloom...you are like one of those amazing gardens (like your sisters!) that keep topping itself in beauty. just when you think it can't get any more glorious, something else comes on with bells and whistles and you are stopped in your tracks. that's YOU darlin', stopping me in my tracks!

thank you for sharing the belly cast pic!! mine is still hovering above our bed on the mantle, and lately fern has been really interested in it, looking at "the nummy nums" and pointing to the belly to say "i was in there!". also, your backyard cantina is heavenly. your babe is being born into SUCH a good life, with a mama to show her just how wonderful living can be. xoxoxo
AdieSpringB said…
Bunder! You are adorable as normal. I can only hope I follow suit if ya know what I mean! Love the photos from your BBQ I totes should have gone! Ah yee. Guess I'll be at home grumbling instead... Maybe next week. I still think you will be right on time or the 17th! I think a Friday the 13th baby would be AWESOME!

I want to see your cast!
Milla said…
Lol! I want to stop by the Beatty Cantina for a cool one. You guys are the darn cutest and I'm so happy you shared your headwreath, you blooming mamacita! Belly cast beauty! The vessel for another in the long line of Beattys!

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