country girls my sweets

BACK TOGETHER AGAIN, and i'm never gonna lose you as a friend: 
amber, addie, milla, mycie, me, clover and missa.
i had the joy of meeting up with some of the dearest bloggy moonsisters in the world again this nice summery week. missa and milla were fresh from the herbal symposium and full of nature's magic; can't wait to hear more about their experience on their blogs.

i really wish i had taken photos the night before; we all met up at ade's house in nevada city for a slumber party.  sadie was here too! it was the best girly fest; the ladies had gotten together and made big hearty vegetarian burritos and we talked babies and boobs, blogs and books and all the good stuff for hours :)

next morning we headed over to Ike's, where ade's husband artie is a server, for the best veg-friendly homemade organic cajun style breakfast.
it was a perfect day for outdoor seating and it felt great to eat in dappled sunlight surrounded by pretty ladies :)

"MAGIC IN YOUR BELLY" (in more ways than one!)


pretty clothes abounded, of course. milla had just gotten these bloomers as a gift from missa and i am enchanted with the style idea.

summer girls, 
sweet love.

we rambled around town a bit....

....before heading over to suuzi and spencer's farm for a little visit and tour.

suuzi's midwives were there for a check up and a tour as well.
more powerful ladies to join us! suuzi is the queen of the farm and has no qualms even in her late, full blossomed pregnant state, plunging in to hold chicks, pick weeds, feed goats, and everything in between.

 a quick peek inside their rad trailer living space.

 suuzi tells the story of a surprise broody hen....

baby chicks of all shapes and sizes!

onward to the rooster yard, we found mister Wonder Woman to be especially agreeable and handsome.

spencer shows us different breeds, the yard is full of all sorts of crazy looking birds frolicking around in their feathery array.

mama goat recently birthed three littles at once, wow! good job mama. little tamson, the girl, is especially beloved by spencer and suuzi because she will become their next milking goat.
thank you, mama, for providing healthy raw goat milk for a glowing pregnant human!

pregnant mamas feeding goats!

the goats were so adorable and loved this yellow burdock so much.

 mycelia got a bee sting and was incredibly brave and quiet about it all. she simply chewed up some plantain and quickly made her own little poultice. what a lucky girl to grow up with such a smart herbal mama!

country girls at heart, we are.

as usual it was so endearing and magical to be around these wondrous girls. 
i was still recovering from my cold so headed home to rest that afternoon, but truly revived in spirit by the wisdom and sweetness of my friends. i'm so happy i got to see them all once more while growing a wee babe inside, and i'm so excited to introduce them to my own daughter next time we meet up!


Sadie Rose said…
love love the photos! so good to hang with you girls and talk about babiez. xoxo
Nichole said…
i've been having trouble shifting from the life i thought i wanted (status, materials and monetary success, meteoric rise in my career, etc.) to one that more reflects my values and the home i was raised in. by "trouble" i mean that it feels like tectonic plates in my body, moving and making something new. it's good change, but it's not a fully-realized vision, and i'm unsettled because i've always been so sure of what i was doing and where i was going.

i tell you all this because your blog is a source of comfort for me. the beauty you extract from the simple, the way you capture love and light, your beaming way of being. this blog is one of my sources of inspiration. thank you for writing.
anne said…
love this! so good to see all your beautiful faces together!
Teeny said…
Hi lady, beautiful smiles and sentiments and surrounds.Glad you have so much pregnant happiness xxx
Milla said…
Big Belly Mamafest 2012! I can't wait to tell your little ones about how their in this picture and that picture 'cos they were in tha belly! I'm so so happy I got to see you again with the big belly and so happy I got to see all of these magic girls. Nicole and I had a big conversation on how lucky we are to have found each other. We are. Also, I love that it now feels like we, you know, just hang. Like it's not awkward, it's just "where did we leave off". Here's to many happy reunions!
jenny miller said…
Glad all you lovely lasses had a good time! Suuzi's place looks awesome. We have three acres and lots of chickens. All the chicken breed are so interesting, but those Silkies are the weirdest! I help a friend with her goats in exchange for milk and experience and I would love to have some goats. We love goat milk! Sooo good. And the babies are adorable. Bright blessings to you.
Missa said…
Yay! This was such a fun visit! Man, the symposium followed by this, so much sweet girl time. I love hanging with you ladies so much and I totally agree with how natural it feels now when we do get together. I just love ya all so, and I can't wait to meet that dear little light in your belly Heather :)

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