Teeny in my Town!

next one to be blessed with teeny and her family's radiance? 
lucky ole me!!!

tina, steve, oscar and mia came to placerville and i truly feel more lucky than i could have even guessed that across all these miles we got to meet in real life.
she was exactly like i thought she would be, funny and sunny and smart and wise and thoughtful.
but on top of all that, she just has a certain radiance and magnanimity that encircles her rad little family and everyone she meets.
it was so great to be around them for a day and show them our little town. 

they got to check out zack's little art shop and each kid even picked out a print. placerville artists represent in new zealand, wahoo!

we had snacks and coffee in the shady plaza. we could have sat and chatted for days. there is so much to talk about and so little time! 

and the kids fell for darin just like they did for another certain papa
maaannny many hilarious portraits happened and i can't stand to delete a single one of them. (turns out oscar's a pretty great photographer)

just like mary wrote, of course a woman as rad as tina happens to have an equally rad man by her side. steve was so interesting to talk to, game for any adventure and just a wonderful and warm person.

we came back to our house, showed them around and hung out in our backyard for a little while. i wish i had taken close-up shots of every aspect of tina's outfit. she had a beautiful sky blue sundress from crimson and clover, a guatemalan belt, red vintage sandals, the most gorgeous handmade-by-nicole bag with leather fringe and embroidery, a delicate scarf in her hair and it had to be a milla leaf tucked at her temple! plus an array of amazing jewelry like a big button ring and some flaming hag folkwear pendants. seriously, for a hot and sweaty day in the hills, this woman's style blew me away. she was pure refreshment to look upon!

new besties: 

i seriously missed them already the minute they drove away. it was hard to say good-bye and one of the last things they said to us meant a lot to me; they told us we're gonna be great parents and that having a baby will be good for our relationship. no one ever says that! they were the best example of parents who work well together, support and respect each other, and have tons of fun doing so! 
teeny, steve, kids....thank you for coming to our town and gracing us with your presence. i hope the big dreams come true and that you'll be back, or we'll make our way over to your side of the sea one day. 

 (i look like a quack in all these pics, but just look at teeny, that delightful and magical woman. seriously.)


Nichole said…
oh how lovely!!

who is the artist in the background of the art shop shot? those are gorgeous. i must have one.
Kaylie said…
Teeny seems like so fun and lovely! I love her style. Also, you are looking great as an adorable pregnant lady! :)

I love that her nickname is Teeny. My best friend at college started calling me Tiny (for more literal reasons) and the name has stuck.
Heather said…
oh how fun!! So nice to meet a bloggy friend ~Great pictures ...Love Heather
anne said…
looks like it was a fantastic day heather! i thoroughly enjoyed my time with teeny and judging from these pictures and words, you and darin did as well :D
Celynne said…
You both look lovely! Actually, Teeny's eyes and smile remind me a lot of my bestie, the good just shines out of the great ones :D
Milla said…
So sweet to see our best girls together, bonding, beauteous! I can't wait for Teeny's post on all her adventures. There's so much love in our little flock...

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