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A Gracious Plenty

As much as I may bemoan the overwhelming advance of technology and the internet (and cell phones and digital everything, blah blah blah) over our once-simple lives of cassette tapes and rolls of film, I have to give the world of blogging some props. It has introduced me and brought me close to a very solid group of girlfriends whom I adore with all my heart. It seems that sometimes one is lucky enough to make connections that are as real as they feel. And although we don't get the chance nearly often enough, sometimes some of us actually get to see each other in person. It never fails to be amazing. 
Lucky me! Mary, Fern and Missa came to spend a weekend with me here in Placerville. Bringing with them stories, wisdom, knowledge, and the makings for an amazing peach cobbler.
Lucy loved loved loved having them here. She still giggles remembering some little thing Fern did and goes "Perny!"
Settling in on Friday eve. There was a lot of coloring and a lot of reading going o…

a saint who loved you

in a strange fit of nostalgia, leonard cohen reminds me of big sur, the henry miller library, an innocence in your early twenties, teeny's post, how important birthdays were even, how confident and nonchalant and wild we were. how we would sleep in the back of the truck on the side of the road without a shred of doubt, how i wanted to be a buddhist, how i loved the dharma bums and wanted to run down the side of a mountain and sleep in a shack cuddled with poetic men. when the storm clouds roll in i get a sudden grip of fear and sadness, as if fall were already here, as if i've lost another summer already, as if time passing loses its polish, as if fall were somehow a marker: too much time has passed, what are you doing? it is the reason fall is so unbearably bittersweet, the reason the cooler nights and the smell of hay and a late night road wet with rain and the taste of red wine when there are clouds streaking the moon, all get your blood sparking in a queer absynthian swirl…

under the sea

i have a lot of fun stuff to write about but i will start with the most recent: Lucy's birthday!  my little dream-come-true turned TWO on thursday.  (it really is impossible to believe that much time has passed, and it's only getting quicker...) a few weeks ago, i asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday. "mermaid party," was her response. I asked again, to be sure. she said "choo choo party." so we discussed the pros and cons of both and she chose mermaid party. i have been hearing that phrase for weeks now, in all variety of contexts. sometimes she would throw out "bambi party" as a little joke, then "noooo," with a sly grin. 

we spent the day before her birthday getting all prepared. it turned into a pre-party. emily and scout and papa were here all day. my mom and bella came by for a spell, added a few touches. joey and darin joined us and took over baby-duty after they were off work. scott and penelope came in the evening w…