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The Same River Twice (1978, 2003)

a beautiful documentary...borrowed from chelsea... The Same River Twice, 2003 by Rob Moss.

rob moss filmed the original footage on a river trip in 1978. his group of friends took a 35 day journey down the colorado river in boats; a big naked wily free spirited community.

he then revisits some of his friends twenty years later, at their disparate homes and lives in the late nineties.  you get to peek back and forth in time to glimpse moments in these very different parts of life.  wild naked river, skin and sky and rock. office, medicine cabinet, cars and kids. i love it because it is never judgmental; moss doesn't tell us what to think about either the youthful time of carefree adventure nor the responsible time of partnership and family life, nor any of the varied responses the characters have to the span of these years. we just watch with open hearts. it is a moving experience.

it is a particularly poignant experience for me, watching, because some of the characters end up loca…

good medicine

times are weird (as my friend chelsea wrote in her blog post tonight) and hard things seem to be happening all over the place.  a violence unspeakable in norway, under some blind guise of rhetoric and revolution. young men and women who should be strong and vibrant dying of drug overdoses and there are days in my town where everywhere i look my eyes fall upon a toothless tweaked out druggie or a homeless couple with their scraggly dogs or the crazy dude in reflector vest stomping along the street and yelling, shaking fists at cars going by. or a bumper sticker of a crosshairs with the words "this is my peace sign." someone called the bookstore looking for a copy of the anarchist cookbook. i don't want to feel nervous or tired, or sad. i don't want all this to turn my stomach or put knots in my muscles or frowns on our faces.

i want to be bright with july's generous sun. i want to learn all day long and to make up games and skip and play with kids and swim.

and s…

Sunbean Bella, Adventure Vintage Delights

I am so excited to announce the opening of a brand new vintage Etsy shop!

it is my brother Matt and his wife Amy's adorable vintage shop: Sunbean Bella. (so named by their 7-year-old daughter Bella)

matt and amy have been collecting vintage clothes, shoes, art, books, and knick knacks for years at the wonderfully jam-packed thrift stores, rummage sales and flea markets in Utah, and finally they are ready to share. The best and most inspiring  thing about their Etsy shop is that they shoot their photos on location at the many beautiful places where they travel with their 3 kids in the West. So far, each time they list something new it gives me a little thrill to go check out the photos and see where they were taken.

their choices of vintage pieces are as eclectic, joyful, natural and bright as their sweet personalities. please check out their shop and show them some love :)

and watch for our joint photo shoot in the utah red canyon wilds...coming soon!

Old West Brothel Theatre Night

Last week a bunch of the girls came over to my house, home of the Epic Dust Theatre, got gussied up and prepared to film the much-anticipated brothel scene. The next episode of Epic Dust is called The Garden of Love; I am directing, and it is being filmed like a play on a theater set.

 Addie plays the Belle Cora, infamous San Francisco madame of the 1850s. She is haughty, naughty and elegant, at once playful and regal, self-contained and free. She personifies love and beauty, and Ade is perfect for the role.

the girls had so much fun getting ready in my living room. rachel brought pink corsets and vintage garter belts and slips in an old-fashioned suitcase. cassie brought antique nighties and brasieres and household knick knacks for props. the girls were enthusiastic and warm and frolicsom, perfect little old west chippies!

amber made her own glorious fancy headpiece.

even the boys got fancied up.
a look around the stage:

i was in love with all the antique goodies the girls brought…