Old West Brothel Theatre Night

Last week a bunch of the girls came over to my house, home of the Epic Dust Theatre, got gussied up and prepared to film the much-anticipated brothel scene. The next episode of Epic Dust is called The Garden of Love; I am directing, and it is being filmed like a play on a theater set.

 Addie plays the Belle Cora, infamous San Francisco madame of the 1850s. She is haughty, naughty and elegant, at once playful and regal, self-contained and free. She personifies love and beauty, and Ade is perfect for the role.

the girls had so much fun getting ready in my living room. rachel brought pink corsets and vintage garter belts and slips in an old-fashioned suitcase. cassie brought antique nighties and brasieres and household knick knacks for props. the girls were enthusiastic and warm and frolicsom, perfect little old west chippies!

amber made her own glorious fancy headpiece.

even the boys got fancied up.

a look around the stage:

i was in love with all the antique goodies the girls brought...trying on a little square velvet hat.

and the whole shebang, with me in the middle taking close ups of whiskey and props.

places everyone!


mikie was a superstar to have on set, having lots of acting and film experience. in fact, this spring he worked on a crew that did lights for the oscars and he got to play ping pong with james franco. but that's beside the point. he was a stellar one-man-band for us...operating both lights and sound for darin with attentive concern.

darin had a lot of fun with cinematography that night, wink wink!

hope you enjoyed the peek into our bawdy-house. although we all had a fabulously rowdy time, i shudder to know what our neighbors think ;)


Amanda said…
It looks like so much fun! My friend makes underground horror movies (not quite the same, I know) and has asked me to be in a few and its always fun to participate...yours looks like a blast!
anne said…
so rad heather! i just finished reading east of eden, which is now my favorite book, and this reminds me of the "whorehouses" in the book. it looks like so much fun!
Amy Beatty said…
oh my heavens!!! Ade is the most beautiful thing ever!! She is totally and completely perfect! So glad she made her way over to be a star. All the girls looked amazing! Rachel nailed the look perfectly and amber looked radiant in red! What a fun night for all you! Can't wait to see this on the big screen. xo
soiled doves!!! love! my friends did a huge bellydance rodeo years back and did this little number inspired by the soiled doves of those days
i LOVE what you guys are up to.
Missa said…
Hubba hubba! Can't wait to see all these gorgeous gals in action! The set and costumes look SO AWESOME!
Ms. Habit said…
whoa! how cool. Wishing I had neighbors like you :(
this is so completley rad. I am off to finish the blog post of 'death and life' I had a really hard time getting thru that because I experianced the same situation that turned to ways I wish that did not have. peace to you mama~
AlphaBetsy said…
I want to come live in your town, so I could play with you guys. Wow... the costumes are fantastic and everyone looks amazing. Just cool. Wish I could watch the happenings live.
Teeny said…
That set is amazing. Sumptuous even. You peeps did a GREAT job on everything...and the costumes...squeeeee!
Nicky said…
I lOVE this! Such a fun feeling in that Epic theatre of yours! The props are great, lighting is amazing, and neighbors-shmaybors! I'm sure they're getting a kick out of it :D Love that piano shot with the kitty on her lap!
Sailor Purrs said…
You have the most romantically fun life!
Celynne said…
That's so awesome! It really is fantastic that you do all this in your own backyard. The time, effort, devotion put into this, and all the people who have a hand in it! So admirable! I know I'd be overwhelmed by such.
Hence72 said…
you guys have great fun
Milla said…
Gaaah! This is so cool. I can't wait to see the works of your eyes, it'll be awesome I'm sure. You guys just play and play and have fun and create. It makes me so merry.

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