Peaks and Pretty Dresses - Day 3, Stuck in Mammoth

i almost didn't post about the last day of our trip, cause much of it was spent in mammoth waiting for our car to be fixed. but also, i had saved my cutest outfit for that day, thinking we were going to be hiking around lakes in yosemite (instead we dealt with car troubles) so i have to show you guys after all! 
 mammoth was actually the perfectly place to be stuck for several hours. not only are you perched in a high crevice between the most dramatic peaks where people are still skiing, dramatic vistas in every direction, bordered by the Ansel Adams and the John Muir Wilderness Areas, there are also free trolleys roaming around to shuttle travelers, cute coffee shops and places to eat, and a bookstore called BookyJoint with a rad and extensive collection of nature books.

mammoth is a town where blond dreadlocked bro-dudes longboard down the street rocking out with headphones on and shoot a peace symbol you. it is a town of extreme sports and jam bands. it totally has a 90s vibe, with music like Blues Traveler, Phish or 10,000 Maniacs playing in the coffee shops.

unfortunately the cinema selection is about as dreadful as it gets. darin thought this photo might represent the coming end of the world. when it gets this bad.....who knows what society will do to itself next.
 we spent like two hours in this coffee shop. wireless, maps, books, bagels, espresso....pretty good spot to hole up for a bit.

the village was getting all ready for Independence Day celebrations. Kids were doing bean bag tossing and horseshoe games, there were balloons and bunting and venders putting up their umbrellas. The sun was shining and everyone was in festive spirits. So were we when we found out our car had been fixed and we could head home, after the threat of having to rent a car or wait until Monday!

I had just ordered myself this adorable little Lanz vintage dress from etsy, and the next day I received Teeny's gifts including this beautiful handmade fabric belt that matched perfectly! loving fashion synchronicity.

on the way home we did a little photo shoot at this abandoned market in bridgeport. we used to come to this market when we came on camping trips to twin lakes. it is kind of haunting to see it all emptied out and dusty in the high desert plains.

my outfit: 
red flower hairpin: gift from my mom
blue lapis earrings: gifted and handmade by mallory
vintage dress: from loveydovey threads on etsy
pink fabric belt: gifted and handmade by teeny
tarot card shrinky dink necklace: made for me by darin
blue leather flip flops: thrifted, $2


Teeny said…
You are so absotively adorable!!!! I just gasped and covered my mouth in amazement and pride seeing at how well you matched the belt with that gorgeous perfectly Heatherish dress! Thank you for sharing your adventures darling girl, your exuberance for life truly translates well through this blog. loves. x
The dress and belt really do go wonderfully together! Oh my god to the cinema selection though! Hehehe, end of the world indeed!
Amanda said…
I want to see/know more about this necklace!!!
Amy Beatty said…
What a perfect place to be holed-up :) I'm loving that belt with that dress!! What a memorable get away you two had. Another great tradis I wish I had. You two are so perfect together and most def make this world a better place. If only everyone could have just a tiny bit of the world through your eyes this world would be much happier place. Love you guys
nikkibit said…
Sorry you guys got stranded, but it sounds like you made the best of it! Beautiful dress ;)
PS Well be at trivia thursday, hope to see you guys!
Missa said…
Hey pretty lady! And pretty dresses indeed... it seems your anniversary trip was full of them! I loved all of your outfits (your white anniversary dress *swoon*) and what an amazing trip (minus car trouble and poor movie options of course ;)

We camped along a river in Lee Vining on our way home from our last southwest trip and have wanted to make our way back ever since. Such beautiful country!

I would just like to add that you and Darin have such an inspiring relationship. What a beautiful bond the two of you share :)

I feel like I need to plan a date night now, haha!
Nicky said…
Crazy adorable dress!! I love it- and the fact that you got such a well coordinating gift to go with it :D

Erick and I were just talking about a mountain biking trip to Mammoth (come September). We had so much fun last time winding through the piney trails and riding a gondola to the top with bikes attached! Sorry bout the car troubles, what a bummer!
Anonymous said…
Blardsafkajsfowapeijdkslfja, your adorableness is just too much!!

I'm always amazed by how amazingly beautiful mundane, middle-of-nowhere American towns can be. What a glorious country... Makes me want to come back and travel west even more now!

Loving catching up on your posts right now. So much beauty, love, and general amazing-ness.
a wonderful place to be stranded :) i had two trips there in the 90's and it was fantastic...nik and willie's pizza, beer batter onion rings and hot brownies at angels...i wonder are they still there?
anne said…
your whole trip was beautiful!

i love your lanz dress. i have one as well and it's my favorite. can't wait to be able to wear it :D

glad to see your summer is off to an awesome start!
ZombieLace said…
Sounds like you made the best of a less than perfect situation! And nothing makes a day gone awry feel a a little better than a lovely dress like yours.
nikkibit said…
wow, this looks like such great fun! Wonderful job on the theater play house, looks like a great creative space :)
Celynne said…
Bummer you guys got stranded, but at least you were able to make the most of it! That belt really does go so perfectly with the dress, very serendipitous.

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