good medicine

times are weird (as my friend chelsea wrote in her blog post tonight) and hard things seem to be happening all over the place.  a violence unspeakable in norway, under some blind guise of rhetoric and revolution. young men and women who should be strong and vibrant dying of drug overdoses and there are days in my town where everywhere i look my eyes fall upon a toothless tweaked out druggie or a homeless couple with their scraggly dogs or the crazy dude in reflector vest stomping along the street and yelling, shaking fists at cars going by. or a bumper sticker of a crosshairs with the words "this is my peace sign." someone called the bookstore looking for a copy of the anarchist cookbook. i don't want to feel nervous or tired, or sad. i don't want all this to turn my stomach or put knots in my muscles or frowns on our faces.

i want to be bright with july's generous sun. i want to learn all day long and to make up games and skip and play with kids and swim.

and so by way of antidote, here are things that save:

babysitting friends' babies:

kittens (joey and emily's new girl fern):

making movies with our friends:

swimming pool photo shoot with the girls:

Nancy's new bookstore dog, the sweetest rescue lab on earth, Abbie:

zack and rebecca moved back to town! and zack has a new art studio on main street:


riotous flowers and colorful paper lanterns:

rescuing baby quails:

"nothin left to do but smile smile smile."

carry jars of yarrow. love your loved ones with a fierceness and a joy that splits the body. be sure-footed and adept. give your cheeks the sun's blessing. eat coconut gelato. tell your secrets, bare your skin and soul at once. pet cats. clamber on rocks. "dip him in the river who loves water."


Lou Smith said…
Your choice to give your attention to the beauty around you, and to live with ecstatic gratitude is inspiring, courageous and wise - your joyfulness is contagious - have a sweet day (I'm sure you will) x
ZombieLace said…
Sometimes your blog posts are so poignant, they put a lump in my throat. But you certainly came up with the best medicine I can think of! Thanks for the inspiration.
you are always such a little ray of light in a dark, grumpy world. love you for that.
Celynne said…
I like to think that for all the bad things in the world, there are better ones in their place. For all the suffering, there will be tenfold joy. It doesn't change or take away the sadness or pain, but it does give me something to look for. And you my dear, seem to be very good at finding those good things.
Amanda said…
Thank you thank you thank you!

I totally understand...working in an inner city in a public hospital I have many days like what you described above. Its so helpful to be reminded to concentrate on the good in life!
Amy Beatty said…
I don't even want to talk about the bad stuff.....
But all your good things are pure beauty. I can't believe that baby girl is so getting and how joey and em's family keeps growing!! Photo shoots and the cutest baby birds ever. Along with friends and nature this post is divine. A true happy, full life.
Anonymous said…
Oh, Heather. As long as you can keep finding beauty in the world you inhabit, you can keep shadows at bay. You yourself are beautiful and sweet enough on your own, I think. I love this about you.

Babies, kittens, and quail chicks. Goodness gracious, how I love those three things. I was trying to think of what wee quails are called, but really, the best name for such a wee, tender thing is a fuzz butt (pretty sure they're just called chicks). I hope you can grow him/her up big and strong.

Hugs, kisses, and purple tomatoes (because I have so many I wish I could share with you :) ).
Anonymous said…
I had a hard time not crying as I read this post, by the way. Good tears, mind you.
AlphaBetsy said…
You are a bright spot in this world, and a very needed one. Sometimes it is hard not to let the bad things consume your mind, and your reminder was very needed after all the craziness of the weekend. I wish you all the beauty and wonder in the world. Blessings.
Missa said…
Ah Heather, your blissful spirit is contagious. You are truly gifted in that way. Keep on spreading the love!

Wonderful dress too by the way, and babies and kittens and itty bitty quail, oh my!

Totally random, but the other day Lucas and Clover and I were sitting outside at Russian River Brewery and the lady at the table next to us started going on and on about how much Clover looked just like her daughter at that age (she's now grown) and then kind of told us her life story (she was a chatterbox) mentioning that she had recently moved from Placerville.

So I said I had a friend who lived in Placerville and told her your name and she said that when I said the name Beatty she got goosebumps because her daughter had a "very special relationship" with a Michael Beatty in highschool. To which of course I replied, "Mikie?!" like yeah, we go way back or something, ha!

In short, I think we met the mom of Mikie's senior prom date. Her daughter's name is Sonny :)
Teeny said…
I've been feeling a little low myself these days, and you are right - it is best to reach out and capture happiness. Or remember it. Thanks for shining on in this little part of the internet. I can't believe that is how tiny baby quails are!
nikkibit said…
Just when I thought this post was too cute, you HAD to throw in baby quails? Come on! Hahaha :)
Elisheva said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elisheva said…
Wow, How uplifting is that? and straight to the heart and child in all of us. So beautiful and kind of you to offer such lightness. Its not always easy to turn our face to the sun, but we reap the benefits of a joyful heart when we do. I always have loved little daisies for that, They are so little and unassuming, and always turn to the sun just as soon as it climbs high enough to see them. Thanks sooooo much for your lovely comment n me blog; )
x E
Milla said…
I so admire your spirit, Heather-doodle! You are invincible! You bring light along where ever you go! And kittens and baby quail! You lift up hearts! Thank you!
girl , you are so beautiful!

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