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synchronicity, moon blood myths and the equinox

autumnal equinox = pagan thanksgiving day. it was a breezy, mild day after a perfectly lovely refreshing september rain. we just had a gorgeous glowing full moon last week. everything in order for this big turn of the wheel, harvest home, the autumnal equinox. 
at the bookery that day i had a sweet visit from dolly and little lincoln who gave lucy a dose of his cuddly loveyness with sweet kisses that she gladly reciprocated. ironically i was wearing the dress (my mom's from the 70s) that i wore to dolly's wedding, which i also wore at 31 weeks pregnant on mother's day last year. for me the dress itself has become a celebration of the turning seasons and balance. 

hanging out in the backyard after work with my little fall sprite. the girl has turned into a whirlwind, just a little swirl of blowing leaves, she is everywhere at once and so spirited she leaves your head spinning.

she is wearing a little vintage dress gifted to me by the lovely bridget of Bijou Vintage Bazaar

Like a Summer Thursday (what i wore, week 24)

"her eyes were laughter, her touch divine,  her face was crystal and she was mine." (good old Townes)
me and my girl do some serious hanging out these long indian summer days. favorite activities: reading, going to thrift stores, dancing, singing, eating peaches and strawberries and making smoothies, looking through photo albums, pulling everything out from my purse, coloring and trying really hard not to eat the crayons.
since dolly asked, i figured i'd show what my lil pregnant self is looking like this week.
24 weeks pregnant. lucy just turned 14 months old. 

we like popsicles. lime, raspberry, strawberry, coconut, pineapple. we are liking them and licking them well into september because as i've said so many times before. it . is. still. HOT. here.
thus our outfits still revolve around sundresses, both of ours recently thrifted. i really like that mine has tiny planets and rockets printed on the trim. also pockets. 

on another note, my hair turned straight this …

Foxy and Pregnant: Lessons from Friends Number 1, Addie

i've had the pleasure of knowing quite a few pregnant women in my life as of late. i know people always say this, but i really have noticed that these lady friends of mine always seem especially radiant, in possession of some special verve that seems to glow through their very blood and skin. 

but boy do i know now more than ever how hard it can be to maintain your feeling of style, energy, and vivaciousness when your body is growing and changing quickly, not to mention you're pretty darn tired all the time. so i thought i'd so a little inspirational series for myself to remind myself of some of my chic and lovely pregnancy role models over the next couple weeks. all these gals of mine know how to do it up right, how to keep their own unique style while also focusing with grace on growing that baby inside.
i want to start with my brave and amazing sister adrienne, who was pregnant last year of course. she recently began posting on her blog again and tells the whole honest…

straight to the top

changes round here! 
first off, a little someone special is finally officially walking. She's been working on it for a couple months now! This gal takes her sweet time and likes to do things once she is really confident.  she finds walking to be a supreme delight these days.

she's also quite a social young thing, although that's no change by any means, i am just looking for an excuse to share these photos. the other day oliver came over for a couple hours and on his suggestion both kids got in the playpen. they had a blast bouncing together. 

we also had a late summer bbq with friends, and darin was baby-swarmed. 
but the big change! 
darin started full time work at the Bookery! he is now just on-call at his other work, giving him ample time to focus on our bookstore endeavors. all this is in anticipation for the next couple years when we will hopefully take over half ownership of the shop. we are very excited to try to make this wonderful place that we love become our li…