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Anniversary Paradise - part 1

I want to get back to blogging like a scrapbook for myself and my family, telling our stories. This trip was over a month ago, and I have had so many other adventures this summer, but I have to start somewhere, so here goes!
The story is just like before, last year's anniversary trip and so many others.  We take off early, except we're never actually that early, and we drive through the hot hot valley until we reach the cool cool coast. 
In Davis we stopped at In-n-Out for a bathroom break and fries for the road. I only list it here because I want to remember the sweet family I talked to there. The middle aged parents were enchanted with my girls, as their own beautiful daughter had just graduated high school, their son right on her heels. They watched our chaos through the gentle haze of time passed, with a nostalgic fond gaze that took in the girls' excitement over strawberry lemonade, opening their own straws, waiting for our number and asking for ketchup packets, clim…