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One Week in Summer, Redux

Keeping with last year's tradition, I give you once week in summer.
Sunday:  It is our last day watching over the baby kittens whose human family is away on vacation. These eight babies were born to two sister mamas within the span of 24 hours. Both beautiful and sweet little mamas take turns nursing all the babies, who are corralled within a wire enclosure in the garage with the little door open so the mamas can come in and out. The mamas are outdoor cats, so the garage door is also open the whole time, and I experience a gripping fear that a predator will get in and devour these precious ones, or that they will somehow get out (even though they're just learning to shakily walk about!) Every time we pull up to the house, I run into the garage to make sure all is well with eight spunky mewing kittens before helping the girls out and bringing them in. 
Needless to say, we are utterly in love with these babes. And now I'm hoping to adopt one (or two? Darin?) of t…