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painting the town red - part three of our fort bragg trip

28 weeks pregs. i wore my beautiful red dress from missa! she gifted it to me when i went to visit for her birthday in february along with a whole bunch of other rad stuff including the kitty bag i carry later in this post. as my belly grows crazy big i have found this dress to be more and more welcoming :) vintage, made of a wonderful airy cotton, it has the best flutter sleeves and embroidered detail and just seems to lovingly swoop around my growing body with ease and joy.
during our stay in the quaint little beachy town of fort bragg, we'd get up every day and go for coffee and fresh baked bagels at headlands cafe. they have all sorts of organic coffees and one day i even had a malted-flour belgian waffle with real maple syrup for an extra special treat.

then back to our little home. darin's coworker recently bought this pretty homey bungalow in fort bragg and so kindly allowed us to stay there! it gets the best sun out on the front porch all day long. enjoying a chips-n-…

Beach Belly: part two of our fort bragg trip

this was my "beach" outfit one day in fort bragg.

i took these photos in front of the little house we stayed in. i'll show you the place in my next post, it was really charming and cozy.

i thrifted the dress a few weeks ago... another one of those things i would NEVER have considered until the preggert belly.  it is not a maternity dress, it's an 80's dress.... horizontal stripes? stretchy slim fit long dress? HA HA, yeah right! but i have to admit it is one of my favorite looks so far for showing off the belly!  crazy how that works.

we went to Point Cabrillo Lighthouse.  after a pretty little walk past deer grazing in meadows, you come to the lovely historic lighthouse and grounds that been carefully preserved to reflect a hundred years of loving use. sadly, this park is one of the california state parks slated to be closed down. we need to fight for our beautiful places and heritage!

here is one of the holga-style photos darin took, that's the lighthouse a…

books and brews: part one of our fort bragg trip

we're already back from our time flies! darin suggested the title because we visited so many good breweries and bookstores along the way, two of our favorite methods of getting to know a place.

first stop, along the enchanted route up hwy 128 that cuts over to the ocean through the anderson valley. all along the way you are surrounded by blooming poppies and mossy oaks, redwoods and eucalyptus and the sweetest scents of wildflowers on the breeze. anderson valley brewery is perfectly centered in the heart of this hobbity land, completely solar powered and brewing up some familiar and not-so-familiar treats.
already knowing he loves their amber ale and solstice brews, darin tries the seasonal Saison, one of our favorite types of beer. they were traditionally brewed for farmworkers during the harvest season before refrigeration was available. this type of beer has a long history and always has the most refreshing flavor.

the brewery is located in the tiny town of boonville…