painting the town red - part three of our fort bragg trip

28 weeks pregs.
i wore my beautiful red dress from missa! she gifted it to me when i went to visit for her birthday in february along with a whole bunch of other rad stuff including the kitty bag i carry later in this post. as my belly grows crazy big i have found this dress to be more and more welcoming :) vintage, made of a wonderful airy cotton, it has the best flutter sleeves and embroidered detail and just seems to lovingly swoop around my growing body with ease and joy.

during our stay in the quaint little beachy town of fort bragg, we'd get up every day and go for coffee and fresh baked bagels at headlands cafe. they have all sorts of organic coffees and one day i even had a malted-flour belgian waffle with real maple syrup for an extra special treat.

then back to our little home. darin's coworker recently bought this pretty homey bungalow in fort bragg and so kindly allowed us to stay there! it gets the best sun out on the front porch all day long.
enjoying a chips-n-salsa snack behind buddha and the succulents:

the kitchen has a built-in booth which just happens to be one of darin's favorite features in any house ever. he wants one soooo bad someday. darin is very much a booth kinda guy.
 the living room. no wireless access which was actually kind of nice, but we had satellite tv (very rare occasion for us) and there were candles and a puzzle and knitting baskets and a dvd player and we had stacks of books to read. it was a perfectly relaxing, clean, welcoming environment to spend a few days. 

on this particular day, we headed down to the picturesque little town of mendocino, south by a few miles, in the afternoon. 

lots of good hippified activities going on in this artsy community:

 fresh air alive with salt and jasmine and hummingbirds....does this big bellied gal a world of good!

we walked down along the headlands. there are lots of coves and cliffsides to explore, wildflowers blooming and gulls calling and turquoise waves sparkling.

my belt was a gift from andrea, can you read the beadwork? pretty appropriate don't you think ;)

my mystic daydreamer:

we hung out by the little tide pools for quite a while just being there. letting the ocean be home for a while.

darin was taking all sorts of his lovely mystical photographs. and this is the one i snapped of him...we both cracked up about this photo...just so odd, and somehow oddly perf.

the little town of mendocino as viewed from the cove. white and clean in the sunlight, it is an old fashioned seaside town of driftwood, seashells, gardens, books, ice cream cones, clapboard and church bells.

some of darin's dreamy shots follow:

end of the day....darin cracked up when i started doing my pelvic tilts in this dress, obviously sans belt after dinner :) like a big blossoming rosebud buddha. rooted.

oh how i loved it all. 
thanks for indulging me in reliving our sweet little getaway.

dress: vintage, gift from missa
necklace: handmade by laura carter, traded
belt: gift from andrea
boots: bohemia design, won from this giveaway!
saltwater sandals: had for years


Teeny said…
I'm not surprised you loved it all, it was utterly, sumptuously, gorgeously romantic and with a sea breeze to boot! It is only perfect now that you are waiting for your little girl-baby.
Heather said…
Oh could you be any cuter?? Love the red dress looks perfect for your baby belly ~And looks like a very nice getaway indeed ~Great pictures ~Love Heather
Anonymous said…
So, things I love about this post:

the house
your outfit
the succulents
Darin's photos

Seriously, I think your outfits are even cuter now than before you started growing a baby. And Darin's photos? Capture you and the scenery is such a pure, honest way. I love when your posts involve his photography!

anne said…
gorgeous! what a great vacation heather, seems like it was utterly relaxing :D
your dress is a perfect prego dress and you look beautiful in it!
Missa said…
I love this post! You are a pregnancy goddess in that dress, which makes me so happy that I could help it find its way to you :)

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