am i dreaming?!

or did i really just win the best giveaway ever on one of the prettiest blogs ever?!

now how will i ever choose my favorites? any thoughts?
go here to check them all gorgeous.
i feel so lucky!!!


Chelsea said…
oooooo lala! I like the ones with the dangling charm things :)
yay! i am so glad you won! woo hoo! congrats!
Milla said…
yes! one hot mama comin' up!
anne said…
oh man you won! congrats!
oh hell yeah! you are going to look so good in those.
me= green. and envious. but those boots! could anything made by human hand ever be so perfect? i can't wait to see them on you, and i have no idea how you are going to pick out a pair from those options! good luck. (but obviously luck is with you and your positive heart. ) xoxo
AlphaBetsy said…
Oooh...they are all gorgeous. I do not envy you your choice. But I do envy the fact that you get one.
Missa said…
How will you choose?! They are all so amazing! Can't wait to see you rock them with some funky highwaisted leggins ;)

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