Candy Rocker

these are my new beloved leggings from anne!
that floral print takes me straight back to junior high. i love it. i want it accompanied by Oh L'amour and Eternity perfume and long walks to Wendys or the library, but really just to check out boys. 

i feel like a rocker when i wear black.
so i threw in pink stripeys to sweeten up my look a bit. guess what i did for the skirt?
i remembered reading in one of brigit's outfit posts that she used a long tank top as a skirt. i have a bunch of maternity clothes from a friend that includes a lot of simple tank tops. so i just cut the top off, tucked it into the waistband of my handy dandy leggings, and voila! tight little black skirt.

this was a week ago.  i was headed out thrifting, 18 1/2 weeks pregnant. 
these pictures were taken earlier in the day so my belly wasn't too big yet. by nighttime, it seriously doubles in size.

there is so much interesting stuff about pregnancy. i know every woman is different, but i think just for fun i am going to do a post just related to various experiences i've had so far in being pregnant. i write in my journal a lot but i like to document things here too. i don't want my blog to become just a platform to talk about pregnancy, and i promise it won't, but dang it is an interesting process!

one thing i love: my hair lately. at first i thought that healthy-hair thing during pregnancy was a myth. mine was still coming out in handfulls in the shower, looking messy all the time, etc. it still looks messy all the time, but just a little more shiny and fresh while its at it. also, i barely ever need to wash it. it stays fresh and full looking! and it is too long. it must be growing although i thought it had reached a platform of length and wouldn't get any longer. i mean, this is getting ridiculous. i do want to be a long-haired hippie mama so i won't cut it much but i think a trim is in order.

it is the weirdest february. every day it gets hot. by afternoontime that sweater is a goner.
although these are beautiful days it is all making me a tad nervous.

so what do you guys think, if i do a pregnancy post?
any questions, thoughts, ideas? i am very open to real visceral pregnancy/motherhood discussion.
nothing is too shallow or too broad, too scary or gross or too personal to me. i mean, within reason :) sharing stories is a good way to prepare for motherhood, so feel free to share you own or ask me to compare aspects of my experience. 
and if the subject bores you, that's perfectly understandable too.
but meanwhile, i figure it's a fairly universal topic. we are all here because of pregnancy. somehow, beautiful and complex, it is a physical process that just works. it is still mysterious in so many ways.
and when it is happening to you, you are aware of it with every breath, every cell in your body knows, your dreams go crazy and you are bigger in more ways than one.


Celynne said…
While I have no interest in ever getting pregnant myself, several of my friends are expecting (one is due literally any day now) so I've been paying more attention to mamas and mamas-to-be, so I can be the best friend to them I can. You look so lovely, and those leggings are rad :D It's funny black makes you feel like a rocker, I get the same feeling now haha. I'm so used to wearing oodles of colour. And your hair is so gorgeous! Long and wonderful! I wish my hair was so dark and luscious and wavy (although who am I to complain, with my dreamed-for stick-straight hippie-blonde hair hah). This has just been a peculiar winter everywhere it seems. I was prepared for the worst this winter, and it almost feels like I blinked and it was over... although, it is currently snowing like mad outside right now so maybe I spoke too soon! Enjoy that warm sunshine for me, pretty lady :)
Anonymous said…
Wowowow! Look at you! Rocker mama indeed. I love reading posts about your thoughts regarding your pregnancy and the wee one. I often have dreams about my future daughter (I've dubbed her Coconut for the time being, as she smelled just like that name implies in one dream), and am so, so interested in the experiences of madres and madres-to-be.

Can I tell you a fun story about when I was little? Just to make you (maybe) laugh. I was very young, maybe two, and my mother and father left me home alone with my Turkish grandmother. Well, she's an avid baker and as she was visiting we had tons and tons of flour in the kitchen. I decided that it would be buttloads of fun if I opened the flour and threw it all over the kitchen. So I did, while my grandmother stood by and laughed at what a little crazy I was.

Anyway, you're as beautiful as always, mind-blowing mermaid hair and all!

Marina said…
Oh please oh please do a pregnancy post! It's a wonderful idea. You are looking truly gorgeous and full of light these days Heather!

One thing I've been wondering about, and am a little shy to ask: I work in a very physical, outdoor, male-dominated job where I fear co-workers would treat me very differently if I were pregnant (sad but true). I am hoping to become pregnant (with luck) in the next year or so, but I am wondering how long the bump could be visually downplayed so it doesn't become a topic of conversation and changes in attitude at work for as long as possible. I know this is a little bit of an odd question, but just wondering...

Also, when you first became pregnant, did you feel differently immediately? How did it feel?

And the baby--do you already feel the presence of another being with you? Do you feel like the bonding starts now or not yet?

Please forgive the very personal questions, but just thought I'd be unusually bold for me and try asking :)
yes! pregnancy posts please! you are adorable!!! pregnancy hair rules. not so fun when the baby is about 3 months and it all falls back out though. i was bitter about that.
Anonymous said…
bring it! i'm thinking, "does she even need to ask?" and then i realize that not maybe all your readers are fiends for the nitty gritty and the personal...but as if you can write about the personal without including the entire are so linked in to LIFE. you could write about burlap sacks, and it would be fascinating. so i encourage you to tell all! xoxoxo
Teeny said…
Go for it I say. I was just about to warn you that your hair falls out after baby is born...but I see Brigit already told you. But don't worry, it does get somewhat thicker again. And you're still looking so cute! At nighttime do you feel the baby rising in your belly? My very pregnant friend came to our party the other night, she lasted til 2am! (32 wks preg) her baby belly was low in the beginning of the night, and then very high by the evening.
AlphaBetsy said…
You are a gorgeous soon to be mother. That look suits you, and almost makes me want to buy some floral stretch pants. :) I feel like I am living vicariously through you to experience pregnancy, and would enjoy reading a post about it.
mo marie said…
I totally support the idea of a pregnancy post! Especially for womyn who have yet to go thru that experience. I always find myself asking my friends about their birth story and the different things they went thru during their pregnancy. You look so cute in your outfit by the way. And your HAIR!!! Girl I am secretly dying over your beautiful locks! I once had hair that long and then after moving to Covelo and being on a well, my hair went to crap. It started breaking off so badly I finally had to get a massive hair cut to fix it up.(I also have hair extensions for those days I just REALLY miss my hair) I started taking pr-natal vitamins recently to hopefully boost my hair growth! Maybe those vitamins just might work. : )
Milla said…
Bring on the pregnancy, mama-jama! One of the most wondrous things about these interwebby worlds (as a person, woman and writer) is the experience of others, the beauty in the personal. I have loved to read birth stories and tales of mothering, so it's a real treat to get your beauteous insight into this, life's most exciting event. (you like, creation of life and stuff ;)
So much love to you, sister.
anne said…
the leggings look perfect on you! yay!

of course i'd be interested in a mothering/pregnancy post! i love hearing everyone's thoughts about it.
Nicky said…
Black is way rocker and holy moly- I missed B's post on the tank- SO cute on you. One I'd never try to pull of (I've learned to accept that I have more flattering areas than others) wink ;)

Pregnancy is crazy fascinating. At one point, while carrying my lil bundle around, I read that the baby will take everything it needs from the mother (nutrient wise) to grow strong and healthy- sometimes depleting Mama's stores. At one point I though- sheesh, they're describing some sort of parasite!!! hahaha It just made me realize I really needed to consume some good foods (with a lil cookie dough here and there- mmmmmm) I loved carrying my lil ones around everywhere. I felt very womanly and beautiful while pregnant, like a great gift had been given to me. xx Can't wait to hear more about what you're experiencing!
Missa said…
I love this outfit Heather! The tank as skirt idea is awesome (must try it myself). Totally perfect for a growing belly too :)

Your hair is looking SO amazing. Pregnancy hair is the best! Pregnancy did such wonderful things to my hair as well, I miss my pregnancy hair.

I've been going through my pics from when all you girls were here and in in so many of them, your hair totally steals the show! You might have the best pregnancy hair I've ever seen.

p.s. yay for pregnancy posts!

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