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kissin cousins

are you close to your cousins? did you grow up together? do you keep in touch, share stories and secrets, consider yourself great friends?

i am sorry to say that i didn't really grow up close to my cousins. i only have a couple on my mom's side, and they live in arizona, and on my dad's side there are tons but they are mostly either much older or much younger than us. we weren't together enough to get used to hanging out a lot and i'm sure proximity also plays a big part. they are great people but, besides family events, we unfortunately don't really make it a point to get together.
however, i do have four siblings that i am super super close to, as you have probably gathered :) so needless to say, i really want our kids to be close too.  i want them to be real friends, to hang out together with great enthusiasm, to trust each other and truly know each other through and through.

utah checking out his stripes:

to you parents out there: is that something you can …

spring fling

we celebrated the beginning of spring with a little trip to the coast to show our baby the pacific ocean for the first time.
this pretty much sums up her response:

basically upon first sight she was impossibly, unbearably, over-the-moonly ecstatic.

she loved the sand: loved eating it, loved trying to crawl in it, loved burying her toes in it. she loved the water, the waves: loved galloping through them with me, loved digging her hands and feet in, loved stepping through the froth with her careful tippy toes, squealing with delight. 
she even held a squiggly sand crab, much to her astonishment.

for two days we hung out along the point reyes national seashore: stinson beach, bolinas, olema, point reyes station. gardens, bookstores, pizza, sandy toes, poppies and lupine and iris and pickleweed.

lucy pretended to be a big girl out to dinner with her family at cafe reyes where we had delicious woodfired margherita pizza.

(she was good natured about having to eat pureed veggies instead)