happy march

i am so behind on blogging i can't even think straight. i don't even know what day it is. i thought it was sunday today. i love my life. every second is full and the days pass in a dizzy whirl. my family has been in town and we are all together in the sun, holding babies and taking walks and laughing and telling stories. the kids had an impromptu easter egg hunt. saturday night we had a family-video-watching party of home movies we made from 2006 to 2009 . sunday morning we had brunch over here with friends, coffee and quiche and fruit and scones and orange juice. then sunday night we babysat little utah while addie went to san francisco to watch art's band play a show at the make out room. then today we all walked across town, a big traipsing parade of us, to joey and emily's house and then all went out to pizza together. the days feel long and rich and i am about to fall into bed next to my sleeping toot. she just takes it all in, bouncing her plump little legs in the arms of whoever is holding her, chirping with laughter, singing out with her hoarse little voice and grabbing at anything interesting that is not a toy. the days are fine and lovely and my cheeks feel rosy today from sunshine and my sleepy crazy heart is overflowing with love.

here are a whole bunch of photos of our weekend. sorry this is so slapdash. 


my mom with all five of her grandkids. stoked.

i hope you are all having beautiful full days with people you love. i gotta say, i'm digging daylights saving time this year. long warm sunny afternoons that turn into balmy eves. that gritty nostalgic sunkissed feeling you get after long days outdoors and a cold sweet beer, hanging out in a parking lot with bare legs and sandals at night, giddy, going to the gas station in a group, being giant dorks together, a skip in your step. i think march is giving this year a prime and vital infusion of pure energy. i am excited. i send joy to you all out there.


Teeny said…
oh honey, i got tears in my eyes with your words about hanging in the parking lot and groups in the gas station....memories of a misspent youth. (mine) So much fun. I LOVE the photos, telling many stories of togetherness and family. Lucy and Utah look to be growing so well, and they couldn't have come into a better family I'm sure. Lucky babes. Love the photo of your mom and the littles, she looks so happy, gosh, I'm sure there will be more littles joining the crew as the years pass. much love girl. xoxo
Milla said…
beauteous beatty business! Love it form afar. I know I say this every time, but your family makes me so happy. Especially since my own family seems so small and bickersome and distant from one another. All families are different of course, but I hope that maybe in my next life, I'll be a part of a big beatty-syle hodge-podge loveliest delight! Also, I can't believe it's so warm down there. Hot. Damn. I see bare legs and all.
Rachel Weaver said…
What a full, joyous, haphazard life. Just perfect. I love reading and seeing such a close, beautiful extended family, laughing, smiling and loving each other under the sun.
anne said…
i love this! and here i was worried about your absence! pssh! i should have known better :D your family looks so fun. i hope all my children enjoy being with each other when they get older. all the walks, sun and babies sounds perfect.

I love the sunshine, flowers, happy faces, joy and love shining all around. We are a lovely, lucky, blessed family bunch. I love you all, I am a Happy Nana! Thank you my lovely Heather for keeping our lives forever in photolistic journaling memories. They will never fail us.
dolly anna said…
isn't march feeling so fresh around here?

what a treat to be courted with seasons and cycles.

your pictures are lovely. it seems my mother has been smitten with the little beatty lady babies. :)

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