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Delta Queen

i am in love with the california delta. right here, snaking out of sacramento and through what is lovingly called a "thousand miles of waterways" we have the largest estuary on the pacific coast. one of a few inverted river deltas in the world. five rivers including the sacramento and san joaquin rivers converge to create a lush world of water and levees and agriculture.

this area haunts me. i have a watery soul; maybe i was a river queen in a previous life, or a huck finnish vagabond on a wooden raft sleeping on forgotten islands amid vines and brambles. when i come to the delta i feel the diversity and beauty and strangeness of california's landscape, how many different places and souls and stories are here. suddenly i feel like i am in the south and at any moment an old rusty paddlewheel steamboat will come a-rollin up the river.

in the delta, everything is old and rusty and wooden.  there are weather-beaten bait shacks with peeling old signs.  there are lemon trees …

Heather's Pregnancy Compendium: Part 1

welcome to everything i know so far about own that is :) i am 20 weeks right now and have been surprised by how many varied and new experiences one encounters when pregnant.  i don't know if this is enhanced by the fact that i tried for so long and for so long desired to be pregnant, but i am constantly aware of every tiny shifting detail of this incredible experience, standing by and taking notes! so here are some tidbits of what's gone on for me so far....

1. age:  i am 35 years old and this is my first pregnancy ( i am a primagravida!) well let's be more specific shall we; i got pregnant while 34 and turned 35 a few weeks later. technically i think i am considered a mother of advanced maternal age although kindly, when i first met with my obgyn and nurse they reassured me that they do not put me in this category and that they see mothers much older than me all the time. even though it doesn't seem to worry anyone else, it is often on my mind. when i …

motherly love and sunshine

that last post was making me HOT just looking at it,  had to get another up quick! it is at least 70 degrees here every day now, so bare legs all the way baby.

19 weeks pregnant! this was me last friday, when all my family began to arrive for grandma's party. i wore this to meet up with my mom and matt and amy and kids at In-n-Out for a fun sunny lunch. it was a gorgeous day and i felt cute. i also had a meeting with my dietician.......yeah......right after In-n-Out fries. it went great though and she actually commended me on my healthy blood sugar levels even after i have treats.

this is one of those dresses that kinda disguises the belly, even though that wasn't my intention.  a poofy skirted, slightly high waisted dress that i probably won't be able to wear much longer, because even the high part of my waist is growing ;)

i'm using my adorable new kitty bag from missa which is the perfect size for journal and a couple books. the sweet little grey shrug was a gift f…