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Troy and Waco, Texas

Last weekend we traveled to Texas for my mother-in-law's funeral. Debby was born in Waco, Texas, and raised for the first several years of her life in that area. Both her parents' families had ranches there; her daddy and uncle tamed horses together, and the family home her daddy bought his parents in Hubbard is now a historic building, decorated and maintained by Darin's great aunt, who is nearing 90 now.
It was the girls' first time flying on an airplane and we had geared up for quite some time. The excitement was palpable on our way down to Sacramento, and when we got there, my dad refused to just drop us off, insisting instead that he park and help us carry in our luggage. We were also bringing our own two carseats. 
But when we got to the Sacramento airport, we found out that our first flight to San Francisco was delayed four hours! That would put us in San Francisco after the time we'd need to catch our connecting flight to Austin. So they cabbed us in a min…