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sundays at the argonaut

can you believe we actually have a local "farm to fork" cafe? if you know placerville, it's pretty dang surprising, and i'm pretty dang excited. the term gets tossed around a lot these days, and i'm still not exactly sure who qualifies, but i do love knowing that my daughter's scrambled eggs came from the happy chickens that live down the road in the fields we just passed.
the Argonaut is a newly remodeled and revisioned cafe in Coloma, in a beautiful wooden 100 year old building that backs right up to the American river. it is actually within the borders of Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, and you can walk to the river, to the bridge, to the visitor center, the gun shop, and to sutter's mill. 
they have rustic decor, a wrap-around deck with seating, live music, scrumptious coffee and espresso, good healthy local food, a woodstove, chess, a book exchange with actual good books on the shelves, and picnic tables all along the hillside going down…

Afterglow: Sisters, Post Partum Care, the First Week

ahhhh the newborn days! our nesting-in period has not been all that different from last time...except this time we also have a lovable, spirited one year old girl spinning her merry way through our newborn days!
lucy is loving her new baby sister. she's busy as can be, needs mommy more than ever, and takes frequent time outs to kiss on her "beebee." ""pawah," she calls her. she's mostly very sweet with her, giving lots of kissies and hugs. but occasionally a bit of mischief gets into her, and she pats polly's head too hard,  pulls a sock off her tiny foot, or squeezes her delicate little hand. we constantly remind her to be "soft" and she will pat her own arm and say it. she's too young to actually discipline, so we are trying our best to role model and keep the tone as balanced and gentle as possible around here.
WELCOME HOME! (my mom had the house immaculate...thank you marmy!)
 the six weeks after a baby's birth they call the …