sundays at the argonaut

can you believe we actually have a local "farm to fork" cafe? if you know placerville, it's pretty dang surprising, and i'm pretty dang excited. the term gets tossed around a lot these days, and i'm still not exactly sure who qualifies, but i do love knowing that my daughter's scrambled eggs came from the happy chickens that live down the road in the fields we just passed.

the Argonaut is a newly remodeled and revisioned cafe in Coloma, in a beautiful wooden 100 year old building that backs right up to the American river. it is actually within the borders of Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, and you can walk to the river, to the bridge, to the visitor center, the gun shop, and to sutter's mill. 

they have rustic decor, a wrap-around deck with seating, live music, scrumptious coffee and espresso, good healthy local food, a woodstove, chess, a book exchange with actual good books on the shelves, and picnic tables all along the hillside going down to the river. 

we decided to make it our new sunday tradition.  we celebrated polly's two and three week birthdays there.

inside they have antique bottles, old fashioned candies, jams and jellies, gold rush trinkets and memorabilia, an antique wedgewood stove and a case full of delicious baked goods.

our friends bridget and daniel live right across the bridge so they can just walk right over. they say they're here all the time. everyone is so happy about this place!

folk music on the front porch:

that sunday they happened to be double booked. we also enjoyed some rad "indigenous soul music" by Goodshield Aguilar and Mignon Geli out by the picnic tables. we had a spirited little dancer in the audience. 

two week old Polly getting her vitamin D.

one week later.
give this girl an apple and some crayons and she is content.

we had our coffee then walked down to the river. lucy was thrilled to see boats going down the river, both rafts and kayaks!

and guess who found us wandering!

lucy was very excited to show "memmy and jojo" this little weed she collected.

38 weeks!

all toot wanted to do was find the perfect rock, go to joey, and have him pick her up to throw it in the water. over...and over....and over again.

we walked back up to the cafe to hang out a little more while joey and em had a delicious almond butter smoothie.

this little bumble bee is three weeks old!

if you ever come visit me in placerville, i promise i'll take you to the Argonaut and then we'll have a little river romp. if it's summer we could even ride inner tubes down the rapids around the river bend! we can hike up to the marshall monument and then have a beer at coloma club. please come :)


Milla said…
I want to. So bad.
Katie said…
Oh Heather, your family is magical. I've been meaning to comment since the birth story. I wanted to say first..Congratulations!!! So, so happy to read that everything went smoothly. I was tearing up reading your story. It sounded so familiar and similar to my own. You captured the essence of it and so beautifully articulated the experience. With every sentence I was nodding my head and going "yes, yes!". You exude beauty and seem to have such a wonderful perspective on life. I think you are living proof that being positive manifests a positive existence. At least that's what I gather from reading your blog :) Anyway, if I am ever out your way I will let you know! My family is thinking of planning a road trip out west this summer.

mo marie said…
oh yay a post about the cutest little new spot in town. I'm sooooo thrilled about the Argonaut as well. I'm glad that people are offering good healthy and TASTY organic options in such a cute little space. The decor is so sweet too. I'm such a foodie so I really appreciate the effort the new owners are taking to provide something we can all be happy about. I imagine it's gonna get so busy during the summer months! Your little girls are so unbelievably cute by the way. I loved the pic of Lucy eating her eggs. The pic of Polly with the sunshine on her beautiful face is just so precious. She's so beautiful. Cute pic of Danny and bridget too. Those two love that place so much! Hope to see you and the family there one of these weekends. yay for new organic options! xo
Rachel Weaver said…
I want to go there and eat that and get some vitamin D and laugh and listen and play.
Andrea said…
A lovely little place :) Is it wrong that I kind of want a deer antler chandelier? It is on so many levels, but its pretty bad ass. Lucy just gets more and more adorable. Love her little denim jacket. Such a cutie!
Cel said…
I'm currently in culinary school, so I can say with certainty that 'local' is considered to be 1500 square km's, or roughly a little over 900 square miles. That place looks fantastic though, and sounds like it's going to be able to stick around with so many people happy to have it there. Darin looks like such a natural papa with the wee one in that front holder, and Em looks gorgeous. I've said it before, but your girls are so lucky to be surrounded by such goodness and love. And be careful about invites, I might just have to take you up on that :P I've been to Europe now, so the States are one of my next destinations :D
Amy Beatty said…
Oh i could drink her up!! That pic of her in her little bonnet and then right after that Luc in her knit hat The two cutest girls in hats.. also you look so amazing. something must be in the water!! DARIN is a STUD in that pic with the baby front pack!! love these photos!!! love you guys! hope you guys got some good rain. I worry it is not enough :(xo
heather, i have been the WORST commenter in i haven't. but i've been reading along and still holding your birth story in heart, and am waiting for a piece of time to come give you my words. BUT. i just have to it too late to start planning for summer of 2014? because i already decided a couple months ago that i am not letting another summer go by without visiting you. and then you had to go and say inner tubes and well...the deal is sealed. xoxoo
anne said…
um, ok...i'll see you in june! floating down a river and beer? you said the magic words!!!

you all look so great and this place sounds delicious :)
dolly anna said…
every photo is just beautiful. i think i'll take ty there for a birthday lunch this week! your babies are just beautiful.... little polly, i'm dying!!!
it seems your sweet family is weaving itself tightly together with ease as the girls start growing more and more. what luck. :) xoxo
Kimberly said…
Your whole family is so beautiful!!! I can just imagine how happy you are to have a place like that to go to. Seeing this just makes me a bit more sad that I do not live closer to you. I love the picture of Lucy dancing. Takes after her momma :)

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