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all over the whole wide world

we are leaving for a week long road trip tomorrow! so excited to try this with our baby; my mind keeps racing with possible scenarios as i try to envision what it will be like for us. we will be doing a mix of camping, couch-surfing, and motelling, from mountain to desert to beach very much like this unforgettable trip when the tiny sprout had just started inside me, when she was just a twinkle in my eye.
speaking of the tiny sprout, she is not so tiny these days! she is nine months old, on the prowl, and proud of it. she pulls up on everything, including her little wooden chair upon which she promptly fell and hurt her lip, first little ouchie :( she is busy busy busy, always alert to anything new and interesting. 

the days are warm and full and i fall into bed exhausted. it is fun work but it sure keeps me busy; lucy loves it when i come up with new stuff for her to enjoy, like bubbles:

though they freaked this guy out a little...
or letting her pull everything out of this storage …

Smells Like 90's Spirit

in celebration of these two lovely ladies' birthdays, they threw a huge 90s inspired bash in becky's upstairs studio on main street. 
with a keg and everything! it was a true 90's rager that took me (waaayy) back to my 17 year old just-graduated-high school, baggy-overalls-wearing scrunchy-lovin self.  the 90's were multi-faceted really, when you begin a serious study, and there is a big difference between '91, '95 and '99. the many intricacies were represented in full force at this birthday riot.

looks like a really bad 90's sitcom, hm?

myself, i went circa 1998, when i was way into wearing bindis and little jewels by my eyes and fake tattoos and glitter. i wore this fairy baby tee that i used to rock quite frequently as evidenced by its completely faded nature, with a tutu which i never actually wore, but i wanted to look like more a raver than i really was. a pile of beaded necklaces, a pink plastic flower clip in my pigtails and some big bulky mary…

something wondrous this way comes

first off, thank you so much for your responses to my last post. i was a little embarrassed hitting "publish" that day and i am not an easily embarrassed person so what's up with that? i guess it's just that body-love can be sort of uncomfortable to profess publicly, but there we have it, and thanks so much for chiming in on such a personal subject. and i 'm really glad i wrote it, even though my dad came by and said, "i read your blog post," (i groaned inwardly) "and it was really good! very thoughtful!" i'm like, dad, that was pretty much supposed to be for girls :)
anyway, onward to that "next big adventure" thing...  
my dear friend becky (far right) of velvet leaf / black sheep fame, has a little plan up her sleeve to start a real brick-n-mortar vintage shop. filled with goodies from the collections of some of us vintage-loving local gals, including chelsea of bone-tooth-antler, emily and yours truly.

we are crazy excited t…