at the bunny hop

easter has a lot of motifs i can really get behind: pastels, bunnies, baskets, nests, chicks, eggs, treats, baby animals. i love it all. i love it in the sunshine or in the rain. i love it in march or april.
 easter bonnets and ruffled spring frocks, oh yes. and best of all, the beginning of spring, light and sunshine and the first full moon of the spring, huge and becalmed on a storm of clouds. you never know what easter day will bring, it is a time of surprises. your internal clock feels attuned to some ancient practice, a dance on a grassy hill, the threads of your body spring forth with some mystic delight. 

"Eostre was the goddess of the spring, and her consort was none other than the hare, a figure who still appears at Easter. Now called the Easter Bunny, he brings with him the oldest symbol of the season the egg."

from my book The Dance of Time: A Miscellany of History and Myth, Religion and Astronomy, Festivals and Feast Days

"Eggs are universal symbols of life and the cosmos, and the custom of giving them away, hiding them, decorating them, and eating them at the time of the vernal equinox is as ancient as it is widespread. Egyptians boiled eggs in remembrance of humanity's survival of the devastating primordial flood that features so largely in Semitic mythologies from Gilgamesh to Noah. Jews ate them with the Passover lamb in celebration of their successful flight from Egypt. Christians considered the egg, seemingly inert but hiding inner life, a potent symbol of the Resurrection."

"The Celtic peoples, poetic as usual, claim that the rising sun actually dances on Easter morning, and to this day people in Ireland, Scotland, and parts of England get up before dawn and head to the nearest hilltop." (is this true, UK peeps?)

lucy's easter basket and other spring goodies, gifts from nana and papa. she learned to sip from a straw this week, and loves that little chicky-sippy more than anything.

her basket contained two books, a wind up chick, a Gemima Puddleduck stuffed toy, a bouncy ball, and three candies for mama :)

i had loose plans for some kind of brunch/egg hunt which were never really coming together except at the last second they kinda did. the sun was shining in the morning and then the sky darkened and rain came and then in the afternoon it got sunny again. i loved it. that's just how spring should be.

learning about crayons...

lucy wore a dress that i thrifted years ago. it is a faded handmade two-piece vintage beauty with an appliqued bunny on the pinafore. i put some bloomers on underneath and she was a perfect plump pretty spring chick!

after the sun came up, sylvan and lucy got their egg hunt afterall.

little friendies counting the loot. sylvan got 20 eggs, lucy got 10. seems fair.

then zack did something toot found hilarious.

she got to hang out with all her favorite goofballs.

for easter and the festivities of spring, i celebrate fecundity, life, awareness, change, and rebirth.
this is my church service, my magic, my love: family, children, nature's abundant wild and perfect ways, the ever flowing river of time, cyclical time, spiraling time.


Teeny said…
Delightful. Delicious. Delectable. You guys are good eggs. Who made that flippin scrummy looking cake? I love cake. And isn't Easter another great time to celebrate family? Your brunch looks so sweet and homely, especially for something you only planned loosely for, it looks pretty much perfect. Rain and all. We had a family potluck at my mother's house on Easter evening - lucky I made extra because we had extra peeps, and not everyone bought dinner! It was nice just being together though, especially because mum is on her own now. And it goes without saying (which I will anyhow) that I love yours and Rebecca(?)s dresses. Yellow and aqua. Spring indeed.
Milla said…
Easter totally has your color scheme little Eostre! You're such a spring filly yourself. I love Lucy and crayons, love the egghunt, love the vicarious fun! Happy Spring my dear heather!
Anonymous said…
this whole post is so scrumptious, but i keep coming back the most to that pic of lucy and her bunny ears, shining in the sun with her egg. can't. handle. the. cuteness.

i love your collection of bunnies...both the ceramic ones and the familial ones. i love seeing lucy getting bigger, sitting up on her own, using a sippy cup and always so cheery and smiley. so much like mama.

most of all, i love all the spaciousness in this post...for everyone to just be, for egg hunts or not, for cake plates that show what was eaten (i'm with teeny on that cake!) and the broad arms of your backyard, that holds family and sun and blooms. happy spring chickey boo. xo
Zombie Lace said…
This is such a beautiful post! On Passover we eat and egg AND children go hunt for something hidden. Can't all be coincidence can it? Absolutely love Lucy's Easter getup. Too precious.
anne said…
cuteness overload! you and sweet little lucy are the epitome of spring! looks like a joyful, colorful day :D
Anonymous said…
Lovely! What a perfect easter. Aren't sleeping babies just the sweetest thing?
dolly anna said…
this last picture of lucy is my favorite. she's all tuckered out from her spring timey party.

i think all of your dreams have come true.

that picture of you and lucy is radiant; festive verdant blooms.

our little easter bunny (flopsy) spent the day hopping all over my fresh planted seeds. :/ good thing he's cute.

Emmy said…
Absolutely beautiful photos! What a magical time. I agree about this time of the year as a time to reflect on our plans, goals, and life's upcoming excitements. Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes.
Jenna E said…
I love your church service!! I want to be a member!! Lucy makes the perfect little bunny, and Willow just learned how to use a straw this week too. Our babes are growing up way too fast. I am glad you all had a happy Easter xoxox
Maralah said…
My gosh, you're like a Springtime goddess in that dress with that hair and your baby on your hip! Loving how bright and smiley and pastel-y everything is.

Happy Spring!

Sadhbh said…
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeousness!

Errrm... I'm sorry to say I don't think I know anyone who gets up at dawn to watch the sun dance... but I might just reclaim that tradition next year!

Amy Beatty said…
i love all this cheery heart warming sunshine. Happy first EASTER lucy xoxo such a perfect day. I totally thought when i first saw your easter pic on my phone that you had gone to walmart to get photos done. fake blossoms,,, a little much. But no it was totally just the perfect pics!! so great. and i'm with the other ladies... that freaking cake!! what the heck. I LOVE the age luc is at. And love her dadding teaching her about crayons. bella at that age loved red or dark pink and would always find that color crayon and would crawl around with it in her mouth. ahhhh how i miss having a litte one SOOOO much. and speaking of bell, her and matty are waiting for me. tonight bella gets a parent date... lucky? maybe. you never know the boys might have more fun at home xoxoxo love you xoxoxo miss you all so much
Alicia Cumming said…
I really want to meet-and cuddle!-this baby of yours. Oh my GOODNESS, she is personable and just so peaceful and happy. A compliment to you and her close-knit community of a family, for sure! And the clothes! The quaint atmosphere all around! Spread the love, baby Lucy!
Anonymous said…
No matter how many photos I see of Lucy, I absolutely *can't* get over how freakin' happy she looks in every single one. The first of her with Emily and Joey? Her little, toothless grin! Is there anything more delightful than a happy baby? I think not.

Oh, wait. Maybe that cake?

Nope, I was wrong. Lucy takes the cake. ;]

Mandi Roach said…
Your daughter is sweet perfection!

XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings

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