something wondrous this way comes

first off, thank you so much for your responses to my last post. i was a little embarrassed hitting "publish" that day and i am not an easily embarrassed person so what's up with that? i guess it's just that body-love can be sort of uncomfortable to profess publicly, but there we have it, and thanks so much for chiming in on such a personal subject. and i 'm really glad i wrote it, even though my dad came by and said, "i read your blog post," (i groaned inwardly) "and it was really good! very thoughtful!" i'm like, dad, that was pretty much supposed to be for girls :)

anyway, onward to that "next big adventure" thing...  

my dear friend becky (far right) of velvet leaf / black sheep fame, has a little plan up her sleeve to start a real brick-n-mortar vintage shop. filled with goodies from the collections of some of us vintage-loving local gals, including chelsea of bone-tooth-antler, emily and yours truly.

we are crazy excited to embark on this project together. the other day we went out romping and darin filmed some shots for a kickstarter video we're putting together. it started on main street and ended up out in the fields, with wildflowers and wild moss and then pizza and sparklers and a bonfire. the babies were good (i had my trusty babysitter, pops, along) and the night was fresh and balmy. we got kind of witchy out there.

here are some photos.


we just conjure up a little magic sometimes.


Amy Beatty said…
YAY! LOVE you gals! such a lovely foursome xo. Love the pic of becky holding her babe walking away and the one of Em and Luc!! Such dream boats! Can't wait to hear more of this new exciting adventure! You girls are going to ROCK at what ever you do. Love the magic and passion you put into everything!
Milla said…
Holy smokes! That's awesome! I can't wait to see what you magical womyn put together!!! It'll be so so sweet. Keep us posted on the Kickstarter action too.
Crystal Lee said…
What awesome happy photos! Your dad is so cute. Congrats on the shop!
anne said…
dude, that bonfire rules! i can't wait to hear/see more about it!
dude, my tights are killing me! SO FREAKING NEON up in there! I am loving your dreamy lens and all us girls! I haven't got my cell phone pics uploaded yet :( but I have some really cute ones of Lucy!
red moon arrow said…
what?!!! this is such EXCITING news!!! So happy for all of you lovely ladies! So looking forward to coming up and shopping! You guys are gonna do fabulous!! Loved all the sparkles in each photo.
yay <3
rebeccaroehr said…
It's pretty much time we take over main street... Hopefully it all goes down! Sorry I posted your last post on FB, but I thought lots if women needed that kick in the pants to just shut up and love themselves already! I know I need to. And last but not least, your dad is the cutest ever.
Teeny said…
I'm so excited to read more about this. Just how I imagine your town, with the youngies taking over and starting things afresh.
dolly anna said…
i love these photos, what a blast!

and yes, you ladies are looking pretty witchy, in an awesome,
powerful creative way.

ditto about pops. isn't it wonderful to have child care support at (something near) the drop of a hat?

that's grandpa tom for me. ;)

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