Smells Like 90's Spirit

in celebration of these two lovely ladies' birthdays, they threw a huge 90s inspired bash in becky's upstairs studio on main street. 

with a keg and everything! it was a true 90's rager that took me (waaayy) back to my 17 year old just-graduated-high school, baggy-overalls-wearing scrunchy-lovin self. 
the 90's were multi-faceted really, when you begin a serious study, and there is a big difference between '91, '95 and '99. the many intricacies were represented in full force at this birthday riot.

looks like a really bad 90's sitcom, hm?

myself, i went circa 1998, when i was way into wearing bindis and little jewels by my eyes and fake tattoos and glitter. i wore this fairy baby tee that i used to rock quite frequently as evidenced by its completely faded nature, with a tutu which i never actually wore, but i wanted to look like more a raver than i really was. a pile of beaded necklaces, a pink plastic flower clip in my pigtails and some big bulky maryjanes with knee socks, and i was good to go. psychedelic fairy flower child?

needless to say,with a playlist riddled with the likes of "no diggity," ace of base, and "firestarter,"well shit yeah it was a regular riot in there!

i even got a whole red plastic cup of beer spilled on me. hella 90s. see what i mean?

add plenty of glow sticks, and don't forget the candy necklaces.

...and perhaps a sleeping baby along with your beer ;) 90s gets an update.

all we needed was some zima to complete the flashback. i will admit, i wish it still existed.
but then again, this is what i do for fun, so....yeah. i'm gross.

what about you? favorite 90s memory? song? fashion faux pas? pray tell. meanwhile i'll be listening to spin doctors. just kidding. just kidding.


Milla said…
you know I hella love this! the fashions! sunflower dress (I've been looking for the perfect one for so long...)! skater dudes! bjork side buns!

My favorite 90s year/time is the summer of 1994 when I was fifteen, just discovering my own style, making zines, having a blast. I might actually come back and tell some more of it, but i gotta rush out the door.

Milla said…
that 6th picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teeny said…
Picture 12, girl in knee socks and boots and sheer top! I was excited to read this post as soon as i saw the title!!!!! Fashion wise, the 90s manifested in my wardrobe (at different times, just as you said) bodyshirts (onesies?) and dungarees geometric prints on dresses, A Line skirts and tiny tops, flannelette shirts and straggly hair and knee socks...faded corduroy levi jeans, platform shoes and novelty little kid hair clips and big fuzzy cardigans. You know, I also owned a puffy pirate-esque blouse. I love this post Heather.Looks like an Ace party. (Ace of Base) Please reminisce some more. xoxo
Tera said…
FUN! You look great!!! I wore tutus haha and lace bloomers. 1990=19 for me :) And your hair looks super gorgeous in these photos!!!!
Teeny said…
pssssst you look gorgeous anyway, but super so as a 90s rave chick. I would've seen you at the club, and thought, who is that cool ass girl? I want to be her friend!
annalouise said…
Cropped top and hair twisted into little horns all over my head, for me! Looks like super fun x
dolly anna said…

that zima commercial cracked me up.

love that little baby hanging out, 90's style.

becky and jordan are waaay hardcore athentico,
and i love you spinning in that tutu.

i get my 90's inspiration from the cast of 'hackers.' ;)

i was small during the 90's, but later in the decade came kerchiefs on the head, capris and 3/4 sleeve shirts over spaghetti straps....probably paired with denim short overalls. i'm describing 6th grade to you.
anne said…
hahaha zima! we once got wasted on that and went ice skating in lake arrowhead. that was the only time i drank it :D bjork buns- yes! i totally rocked those. i had a lot of fun during those years, good memories!

all these pictures are freaking hilarious! i know this party ruled!
Rachel Weaver said…
Mike's Hard Lemonade and wanting to be Claire Dane's from My So called Life.
Maralah said…
Love love this! Although I wasn't really a 90's child (I was 7 when the decade ended), I've always felt I was supposed to be. Haha. Funnily enough, I was also into wearing bindi around age 5... :)
Jenna E said…
HAHAHA now this is my kind of party!! You guys all look amazing.
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