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While fairies dance in a place apart

The first thing we noticed when we glanced out the window on Mayday morning was that the first poppy of the season had bloomed!  These gals are rare this year, despite the rain (maybe they like dry years better?) and we only have a few fuzzy buds that have graced us with their surprising blossoms. I think we're on number four, when in past years we've had dozens in the patch. But each one is precious to us, and what a treat to start the glorious month of May!

We dressed in floral frocks and headed over to Nana's to celebrate the flowers.  She had Sweet Williams for the girls to plant in little pots.

Polly wore her first ever pigtails. (You might have to squint to see them.)

Learning to "tamp the soil down." 

My mom really is Queen of the May. Her garden is buzzing with action from earliest dawn. Bees, butterflies, flickers, finches, hummingbirds, squirrels. The flowers show off their freshest colors, violet and magenta and gold. The honeybees are smitten. 

The s…