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Beatty Clan Spring Desert Trip, Part One: Bishop to Death Valley

Every time we go, there's more to explore, more longing in my heart, a thousand things I wish we could have done. I come home with my purse full of sand and ten loads of laundry, dusty sleeping bags to shake out and pans to wash, but a heart so full and replenished it spills over again and again, like an El Nino floodway. 
Our Beatty family trip (so many past trip posts here, there, and everywhere) came early this year, planned as a Spring Break ramble through the Eastern California desertlands. We followed tracks that Darin and I have mostly made before, because I always go anywhere I go with the hopes that my whole family will someday find the same beauty that I find there.
I started planning this trip last fall, knowing that the spring is a popular time to visit the desert, and the campgrounds might fill up quickly. As soon as reservations opened in both Death Valley and Anza Borrego, I reserved us sites. It takes at least three campsites to accommodate our group, or one group…