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Topsy Turvy Toggery - Top 5 Fashion Faves RIGHT NOW

I want to start a new feature of this blog in which I discuss .... quite randomly and off-the-cuff .... sartorial quirks that happen to be pleasing me right now at this very moment in time. Needless to say, these change a lot, just like my pet peeves do (drives Darin nuts). My whims in fashion range in two days from pleated shorts to civil war garb, from cheesy 80s to gauzy romantic, to goth to granny and back again. And trust me, it's never really cool or actually fashionable. just what pleases my decidedly un-classy and thus oft-delighted eye.
Now i'm not necessarily talking about myself. My own stylistic range is not all that wide, (pretty much i only wear frilly dresses) but I appreciate fashion freshness in others. So here I will simply document stuff I'm into seeing people wear, whether or not I'd pull it off myself.
I was inspired by this hilarious post by Astral Boutique Man (Sasha's husband Chris) to take a bit more notice of the male fashion going on aro…

Little House in the Big Woods

...actually, BIG house in the big woods. addie's new digs in nevada city; i went to visit yesterday and fell immediately in love.

even though they loved their house in pollock pines, they grew tired of the piles and piles of dirty snow, the cold, shade and darkness and the long addie and art moved back to art's ever-charming hometown, nevada city, north by an hour or so across gold rush territory.

their new home rivals the woodsy pirate ship house in pure beauty: with its high wood ceiling, giant woodstove, rustic elements, and huge basement (music room) hangout space, and lovely light filled windows... but far surpasses the old house in location.
this new place in built into a steep and verdant forest hillside just over the bridge and through the woods from downtown nevada city. it has its own paths and trails through the pines, mossy stone walls, a fenced garden, huge deck looking over the river, and down the path, a private little beachshore with huge mossy ro…

dolly in love ... and her totally diy free spirit wedding

yes, 3 weddings in the span of a week: a big one, a tiny one, and one perfectly charming, totally DIY, utterly romantic medium size one.
dolly and tyler. beautiful dreamers extraordinaires...
so, dolly is the sister of my sister-in-law amy. so the timing was extra convenient for matt and amy and their kids, who were coming to town for both our mom's and her sis's wedding.
dolly and i have a sweet the fact that she loves funky thrifted clothes, lives with her hands in the dirt, dances like a wild woman, laughs often, and believes with all her heart in sustainability and a nature-centered life, which she shares abundantly with her little 3 year old son Teddy. i adore the gal. you would too.
so, dolly was unbelievably relaxed and nonchalant when it came to planning the wedding festivities. all she cared is that it feel like a "big patchwork quilt" of love and friendship, that the colors evoke meadowlands and the"deep spring greens like the hills, fl…