Poppies and a Zillion

what, you may ask, have i been up to?
so so so many things! i know i always say this, but it really feels like nonstop activity.
poppies in abundance.
see their wildness, the way their crazy flames spontaneously burst forth upon the earth?
that's sort of how my spirit feels in springing little jolts flitting about.

taking a minute to chill in the backyard wednesday, good long conversations with the men in my life...

sweet thrifted finds, modeling vintage dresses that feel like home to me.

working amongst books, cleaning stacks upon stacks of gorgeous gardening books.
this leads to a lot of thinking about gardening, but not a lot of actual doing gardening.

and best of all, meeting baby Zillion Lief, the newest boy in town.

a tiny little wizard bundle who makes the funniest faces.

this post is really just a little intermission. there's a lot more happening in may that i am preparing for. weddings, parties, visits, trips, concerts.
so for now, these are the poppies where the bumblebee of my heart alights.


Teeny said…
A concrete patch in the backyard is a magnificent spot to lie down when the night is slowing down and the concrete is still warm from the sun. A perfect place to watch the bursting poppies and toiling ants. We're having opposite weather...over here we had thunder, lightening and torrential rain last night - the wind was so strong the rain was horizontal; i was a little frightened even. Happy busy times indeed!
Teeny said…
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Milla said…
Hey you, short time no-see. It seems like this season has everyone dancing around like dervishes. Such exciting times. It's nice to know that you were able to get a little brake in there, we did that too last night, went out to celebrate green card and tonight I'm going out with some my girls, or maybe staying in, I guess we haven't decided yet ;)

Spring is just like opening a new present every day, a new flower, a new plant pushing through the ground, a new idea appearing as though out of nowhere. Or a new baby, of course, too appearing like magic into the world. He's so precious.

Lots of love and wedding fun, m'dear!
i want to go hang out in your backyard. my family is driving me FLIPPING NUTS right now and i want to run away. you look so pretty in those dresses. i wish i could squeeze into a gunne. aaah well.
i am notorious for reading about gardening and never doing it. i'm like that with lots of things. i love reading about them, but then i'm lazy. i still have my little package for you, but i'm holding onto it because the stuff is a bit wintery, not summery. i'm going to keep my eyes peeled for a few summery things to throw in there before i sent it. also, how big is darin? i have something i think he'd like, but it's hard to see how tall he is. he seems fairly middle sized, yes? i'll just send it and hopefully it will fit him. love ya pretty. oh and your hair looks AAAMAZING! i want long hair.
Claire said…
You look so idyllic in your pretty dresses and sunshine. And that baby! *swoon* I would love to garden, but this is the third year in a row that the money wasn't there (grumblegrumblrgrumble) so I daydream and look at gardening porn :)

It's good to see you happy and healthy,
oh i'm a champ at reading about gardening......

those poppies and dress are too sweet. i would love a splash of red like that in the surrounding fields.
Sailor Purrs said…
Wizard bundle. Zillion ~ where did that name come from; it's cute!
Violet Folklore said…

Adie tells me your mama's wedding is next week! How fun, I can't wait to see photos of the whole Beatty tribe living it up. I'm tempted to crash the party :-)
Missa said…
Awww, I love the name Zillion! What a cutie pie :)

I adore that first photo of the poppies in the tall gangly grass, so lovely! I hope the gorgeous weather returns soon, what the heck happened?

Oh Heather, you beautiful busy bee, your life is sounding like a wonderful whirlwind! Much love, and all my best to your mama on her big day comin' up :)
i'm loving your super long hair girl!

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