Prairie Flower Girl

Prairie Flower Bella from heather beatty on Vimeo.

i made this little slide show of my niece bella the day after my mom's wedding. it was so nice having them in town for a couple days, playing in the sunshine in my backyard. bella was having fun frolicking through the big floppy poppies and playing in their petals. her 7th birthday was the day before.

it's only 20 seconds :) unlike my other videos!

darin made the music long ago. it's part of a song called "Prairie Flower Parker."


Clare said…
Bella's such a pretty girl :) She's got such gorgeous eyes. She's lucky to have an Aunt who loves her so.
Very pretty song, too.
Amy Beatty said…
Awe. when did you find time to do this? I will have to show it to her tomorrow. I have a feeling she might love it as much as I do. That ending photo is perfect. My little sweet charmer. xoxo Thanks for posting and making it :) And I'm hoping this works because yesterday I wrote comment after comment on your posts and they all have vanished :(

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