Little House in the Big Woods

...actually, BIG house in the big woods.
addie's new digs in nevada city;
i went to visit yesterday and fell immediately in love.

even though they loved their house in pollock pines, they grew tired of the piles and piles of dirty snow, the cold, shade and darkness and the long addie and art moved back to art's ever-charming hometown, nevada city, north by an hour or so across gold rush territory.

their new home rivals the woodsy pirate ship house in pure beauty: with its high wood ceiling, giant woodstove, rustic elements, and huge basement (music room) hangout space, and lovely light filled windows...
but far surpasses the old house in location.

this new place in built into a steep and verdant forest hillside just over the bridge and through the woods from downtown nevada city. it has its own paths and trails through the pines, mossy stone walls, a fenced garden, huge deck looking over the river, and down the path, a private little beachshore with huge mossy rocks for dawdling and daydreaming by the water.

not to mention a previous owner who thought up the most ingenious ideas and household contraptions, like a big hook and pulley system to bring up baskets of firewood from below the deck, and this awesome handbuilt liquor cabinet:

plus bedroom windows that look out on the perfect rushing-river view.
it's like sleeping in a treehouse deep in an enchanted wood.

wandering the woods and feeling like a forest princess, i couldn't help but do a late afternoon etsy photo shoot.

...careful not to tread on sleeping friends curled on cool green leaves right in the center of the path:

and it was not long before the river canyon secret elfin walkways lured me away from my modeling endeavors; i made my way down the soft path through the woods to the river.

my spirit completely refreshed.
my barefeet singing.

i think even the dress was happy :)

here's the little beach. if i lived here everyday i would sit upon this stump to read, jump up for a dip and a wander downcreek, a nymph's waterdance, then back for more sunbathing.  

just before twilight, addie and i walked the pretty little road into town. as rural as it feels at her house, the walk into town only takes about 8 minutes! plus you get to ramble past old miner's cabin and fairytale cottages, with blossoms growing rampant, bees and sleepy cats and cute boys on bicycles all along the way.

a footpath over the bridge takes you straight into town right alongside South Pine Cafe and the gorgeous historic Victorian architecture.
it's like living in a dream.

no wonder addie's spirits have lifted. she told me how, right after she moved here a month ago, she walked into town at twilight to meet art after work and grab a drink on the veranda of the national hotel. over the bridge there were glowing houses on the hillside in the distance, with the water flowing steady underneath and wildflowers all abloom beside their humble houses. her heart rose with gratitude and pure joy. it's like the whole town was smiling at her. people have been coming over to visit their new home, having 80s dance parties, meeting up for drinks and coffee, and just welcoming them back with open arms.
this is what home is supposed to feel like.

on me:
calico skirt: thrifted at the annual western wear sale, $3
green blouse: shakespeare club rummage sale, $3
sandals: bass outlet years ago
white shawl: thrifted last year
flowers: c/o addie's forest floor
all other dresses: soon to show up in my shop!


Clare said…
Addy's house looks so dreamy. I'm so happy that she and Art found a place for them.

You look so beautiful in that dress with the low back line and fluttery sleeves. The other one looks weightless and sweet. How do you sell dresses that you look so beautiful in!?
Amy Beatty said…
Oh man! Ade lives on my dream land! I love that area way more too. Mostly because the sun has no problem shining. I wouldn't be able to live in such a dark wooded area either, there was no sun under those trees. Don't get me wrong. I do love that area too but I need more light in my life. I can't believe what a jackpot they found. I think living on a river or stream is where I could live forever. Btw I Am wearing that green skirt for about the forth time already. So that means i have woren it like every other day since i last saw you. Thank you xo
AdieSpringB said…
Heather! Thank you for the shout-out to my lovely new home! It's going to be even better once I get the decor going and art up on the walls (and once it finally stays above 68 degrees!)..... Please come back soon and we can have a Deer Creek tracking/goldpanning adventure!
AdieSpringB said…
This post is enchanted btw... and also, whilst you were here doing your etsy shoot I noticed what a total natural you are at two things: A: clambering through ivy and tall grass and woods and B: modeling shoots!
Sailor Purrs said…
It's a beautiful fairytale.
Milla said…
Adie and Art's house is so beauteous! As are you pretty Beatty's oh my goshness, I can't wait to grab a drink with you ladies at the National and wonder the streets to Amber's or Adie's or go see Suuzi's farm. I feel so happy for Adie and her new dwelling, her very own homestead. SO much love to the Clan (that's how we are gonna refer to your merry little bunch out there from now on, 'k?)
Courtney said…
Beautiful! What a magical place to call home. Congratulations and best wishes to Addie and Art!

Also, random, but I just googled Nevada City to see more images of this gorgeous piece of earth and there's a photo of Addie and Art. It is like it was meant to be.
Teeny said…
This place reminds me so much of the secret small towns in my area.....but even more charming. It astounds me how big the US must be to have so many contrasting towns and places in one country. I really am a smalltown mouse aren't I. I'm sure your Adie and her man are going to have so much happiness there.
The Jazzy Olive said…
What a beautiful post! Your photos and descriptions are making me long for the wilderness!

I also LOVE the title of your post. Laura Ingalls!
Tina Dawn said…
Lovely lovely place. How great to be able to walk to town. I bet you will go visit a lot! Love T
Violet Folklore said…
Ummm, and genuine ROCK STARS coming over to hang out too!

Heather, as usual you make my heart absolutely burst with happiness and love. I saw Adie's place at night, and I must go back in the daytime!! (Any mayyybe even steal your Etsy photo shoot idea!?).

It really feels so good to have your sister back here. I love her and Art and really look forward to spending more time with them. PLUS, I have a little piece of Heather here now!

You girls are so special, and I am so grateful to have you in my lives. Especially right now. Love.
Cel said…
That's so wonderful! Addie's new place looks great. I cannot blame them wanting to get away from that snow though, ick!
Andrea said…
Hey Heather, long time no read :) Catching up on postings today. What a dream you have described here! I'm absolutely in love with this place. is this closer to where you live? I love that you and your sister are so close and such good friends :)
Celia said…
What a dreamy place to magical and enchanting. It looks like a perfect place to have a Gypsy Party! I dream of living in a small town, magical area someday.

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