Love is All Around

well friends i am happy to say that the wedding was a complete delight.

it was also bella's birthday.
7 years old and a flower girl for her nana...a special day indeed.

mom and jack were relaxed and happy; my siblings were all around and everyone lovingly contributed.
we were just missing mikie, who is insanely busy acting in L.A. but we felt his energetic spirit anyway.

they got married at the little park by the river in Sutter Creek which is the cutest little old-fashioned gold rush town. we had wildflowers and folk songs and homemade cake.
and for their ceremony, the sun came out!

matt was photographer extraordinaire, taking beautiful digital shots... polaroids ... and holga pics too!

darin (looking dashing i might add) took some photos too, and hung out with the boys.

i loved how the girls wore vintagey floral dresses in an array of color.

marmy made her own cake and it was scrumptious, a carrot cake with coconut and orange zest in the cream cheese frosting.

addie did the ceremony. it was lovely and sweet and mom was crying the entire time...

especially when joey and em performed  Neil Young's "silver and gold" with the most haunting of harmonies.

ringbearer jarom did awesome.

and happiness and love abounded at the little celebratory picnic!

even when em and i toasted over jarom's head and spilled all over him! he was so chill about it, just quietly wiped himself off and then acted like nothing happened. what a kid! and he smelled so good after :)

blushing bride showing off her gown...she was so proud of her "hippie" wedding.

it started pouring right as we headed back to the Sutter Creek Inn to gather in mom and Jack's little cabin for some gift opening. we had to run through the rain; it was quite dramatic. minutes later the sun was back out and the sky was crystal clear and blue ?!!

their little room was called "The Tool Shed" and was so cozy and bright and romantic.
the bed was hanging from the rafter like a big wide swing!

 a few more photo ops and good-byes on the terrace.

the whole happy group.

jack waved good-bye with a hankie (which of course my mom thought was the cutest thing ever).
and we were off, leaving the joyous couple to their own little love nest.

thanks for sharing in the happy day!


Now this is my kind of wedding. Seriously, so sweet and simple and personal. Perfect. Congrats to your mum!
Claire said…
Congratulations to your Mama and Jack. The love they have for each other, and that your family is full of, shines through these photos.
Sailor Purrs said…
What a neat and perfect little wedding. Neil Young and pretty vintage dresses! Your Mama looks so youthful, joyous and in love. Made me tear up. xxoo
Jane Lancaster said…
How beautiful this is. I'm getting married and it gave me some great ideas! Thanks xo
Missa said…
What a perfect little wedding! All the essentials: family, love, laughter, gorgeous setting, a yummy cake and let's not forget the sweet vintage dresses ;)

Thank YOU for sharing this special day with your family. Your mom looks amazing in the dress, I think it was definitely meant for her and they look so in love (the kissy picture!) You have such a special family Heather!

Congrats to marmy and jack!!!
Tina Dawn said…
Thank you so much for sharing. It was just lovely. I love the Sutter Creek Inn, went to a watercolor workshop with Jill Figler and her mom there once and took a picture of a haunted sun, but that is a story for another post someday. Congratulations to the happy couple. Tina
anne said…
oh my! what a beautiful wedding! your mom looks gorgeous in her awesome dress and the location is amazing!
congratulations to them both. wishing them many years of love and happiness :D
Celia said…
What a beautiful, simple, enchanting wedding! I just love it! Looks like you had such a fun and perfect always seem to do that no matter what group or special occasion it is!
everything looks so, so lovely! congratulations to your mom!
Bridget said…
Beautiful, beautiful!
And as a hopeless thrifter I have to say I covet every single dress you girls wore!
Much happiness to you and your family, especially your mom and Jack as they begin their married life :-)
ruby said…
firstly congrats to your mum, who I may add looks stunnig. You all looked so lovely and dashing, what a beautiful wedding x
Teeny said…
Heather, this post had my tears, you can just see the love in your family, the whole affair just looks so blinkin happy and wonderful. Ah, I love weddings. I'm sure I've said a million times here on your last couple of wedding posts. I'm glad your mama found love again, and I wish them all joy for now and ever after. Geeeeez, anyone ever comment on how goodlooking you peeps are!
i love how the heartfelt simplicity allows for the emotional significance of the day to really shine. so often the prep or pomp casts the real meaning of the day in shadow. what a perfect setting, everyone seems so relaxed and present, not to mention beautiful! congrats to your mom, and to you too!
Milla said…
Could this blessed event have been any more glorious!??!? Everyone is just radiating happiness and beauty. Your mom looks lovely in that very special dress and you and Adie positively glow. Darin looks freakin' dashing with the guitar. Oh and the picture of Em and Joey singing! Love it! Cake, waistcoats, blooms, river banks. Your family is a joy to know vicariously. Blessings your Clan ;D
Milla said…
Oh and I so agree what Mary said about the presence. It always seems to me that you and yours are present in every moment. SO admirable.
Cel said…
Aww I'm so happy it all turned out so well! Your momma looks sooo lovely in that dress, and boy do they make the cutest couple.
Kelsie Lynn said…
your mum. her dress. just gorgeous. gorgeous family.
and neil young covers?? If anyone recorded it, you just must put it on your blog. I'd loove to hear it.

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