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purple poetry

first of all, thank you so much for the outpouring of sweetness about my last post. this kind of loving talk and sisterly support is what makes the good world go round.
and by the way, they caught the guys that did it and a bunch of my friends and loved ones want to go to the arraignment to show that this kind of action is insoportable. for animals, for us, for the world.

so, back to the sweet stuff. here's what i wore to our writers' group meeting...well joey calls it the Poets' Collective. so i guess i was channeling the poetess.
i rediscovered this lacy vintage violet blouse in my closet. yes it was right where it should be in the purple section but somehow i've been overlooking it for a long while. then i noticed that when you're craving romance and drama at a powwow of poets, some victorian style flair might be called for.
we've been meeting to talk about poetry and literature and to share our own writings and inspirations. we're a small group, but qu…

bright magic for a dark time

i wandered the stones and grasses and clovers of my yard, trying to feel magic spells creep up through the roots of my toes, my padded animal feet, my dirty hem... i brought out all my magical tools, most of them gifted to me from the lovely claire with great perception and care, like a mother, like the earth. a hand painted ceramic disc, a stone shaped like an egg, a wand with feathers, a bundle of fresh cedar.
but all these magic tools could not protect me from the devastations of this world. during my blissful ceremony i got a phone call. it was emily with terrible news that left us both gasping to breathe.
this is a pretty disturbing story; if you don't feel inclined please don't read it. here is emily's own description of what happened at her family home yesterday morning: To anyone who doesnt know, our family dogs were playing in our yard yesterday when 3 tweaked out guys came to our front door asking my mom if they could do any "work" for money (the…

winterlude winterlude my little darling

we had the perfect winter getaway. our trip to utah was just too packed full of fun, and i want to write about it all at once, so here've been warned :) we started out saturday with brunch at sammys. it's a favorite provo spot; we adore for its cutesy punkrock vibe, walls plastered with funny polaroids, and super cheap grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato and onion.

oh and lest we forget... sweet potato fries!

then we headed up into the mountains through the canyon past the half-icy winding river, into a winter wonderland!
we dropped the kids off at amy's aunt's house in midway utah, which is a pristine little wild-west-meets-ski-resort place in the heart of the snowy mountains.
the "hot pots" nearby were worth checking out... it ended up one of the highlights of the trip for me: matt and i risked getting soaked (which we did) and took a brisk (freezing!) run through the snow over to see them.

met a little buddy warming his bum on the thawed grou…