hermana de mi corazon

i just stayed up late (darin's on graveyard shift) watching the most amazing movie, Cria Cuervos from 1976 directed by Carlos Saura. it has everything i love, ghosts and sisters and imagination and heartbreak and sass. if you've got four and a half minutes, watch this clip...this song is now permanently stuck in my head and i'm kinda glad about that, especially after what starts to happen right around 2:08

aaaaannnnd after the CRAZY AMAZING post addie wrote yesterday that started about aging and fertility but turned into an all-out celebration of our sisterness and friendship and love and our amazing journeys over the years, i'm feeling pretty damn sisterly at the moment.

life is bliss when you have a sister to share everything with, pure and simple. to share all those crazy experiences that give your soul the truest beauty. and if not a sister, then a cousin or a mama or your sweetest girlfriend...you all know what i mean.

(that's us eight years ago ! )


Claire said…
I love my sister so much, especially since she's in her third year at MIT in Boston. You'd think she could be a smarty pants on the west coast but, no.

Thanks for the movie suggestion, I'll see if I can find it.
Hugs and kisses and I sent you an e-mail :)
Claire said…
Did I mention you guys are cute? You are really cute.
Milla said…
When I read Addie's post (that sidebar-thingy is so handy) it literally brought tears to my eyes. You're both so blessed to have each other. I know, just know in my heart that things will work out for you both the way they should because you have each other for support. Not to mention that web of womyn around you.

Oh...and I can't wait to meet her ;)
Moon to Moon said…
Hey , loving your blog.
Really weird, who ever is on the right in that bottom picture looks like me, i thought it was for a spilt second.
Teenysparkles said…
I read Addie's post; I was right, you are a special shooting star in this universe. So glad to have 'met' you Ms Heather. Whether you realise it or not, your joy in life translates well in your writing; I believe your exuberance just floats of the page touching everyone who reads it.
girls, thank you so much...i feel like we are all becoming like "sisters" in an ethereal way here too!

and moon-to-moon, that's ME! weird...i love what a small strange world this is!
Amy Beatty said…
I feel so blessed to have you has a spirit sister from heavenly mother and also by marriage. I'm the luckest. Love you and ade soooo much xoxo you guys are mine, going to lock you up in my locket :) not really. I'm just proud.
Chelsea said…
i think you two are gonna get pregnant on the same day. then the two of you will start a whole new sisterly journey together. i cannot wait. both you girls are utter goddesses. twirling and laughing with magic sparkling eyes.
Nicky said…
Hablas Espanol, or were there subtitles? You crack me up!!! :D That was a rad little clip, and I've gotta go over and check out what addie wrote about! So glad you get to experience that sisterly love. I have a sister who is 8 years younger and we don't see each other very often, but when we do... we pick up right where we left off! I love her and my brother dearly!!! Happy Wednesday lil' Mama :D
Missa said…
You and Addie are really something special. I loved reading her post about the two of you. So sweet and raw and heartfelt, there is magic in your family Heather and it's a wonder to behold.

Also, I'm sold on that movie from the clip :)
Nicky said…
WOW!!! That was pretty much amazing!!!! I just commented on Addie's blog too! You two are amazingly sweet together- though I could tell already. I was talking to Anne about this "blogging circle" the other day and I mentioned how genuine you are and how easily it shines through you. After reading Addie's post, I can see I was right on the mark! Nice to know a gal like yourself!!! :D
now the song is stuck in MY head! haha but I'm definitely not complaining. Also, love your outfit in that picture from eight years ago. Looks like it could have been worn by Kate Hudson in Almost Famous!
anne said…
i just read addie's post! wow, it was amazing. as nicky said, i knew you were the sweet soul i imagined! it was wonderful to hear her descibe you. having a sister is truly a great gift. it's so awesome to know that you both appreciate eachother equally.

oh, i almost forgot about the rad clip...how cute is the little tatum o'neil looking girl! i've got to get my hands on that movie.
Sjaar said…
The picture is amazing.. And exactly your description.. Im curious to see it.

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