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I don't know what's gotten into me. I can't seem to bring myself post here! My camera is on the fritz so my photos are unpredictable, but it's got to be more than just that. I have been busy with pretty much nothing new. The spring days are sweet, my babies are delightful and sometimes I go a bit nutso with hormones or with impatience or with just being a lively woman. Maybe none of this is worth reporting. We see our cousins, friends, go on little adventures. What is a blog-able life and why do I care (do I even care?) if I never cared before, just posted whatever we're up to with no further ado. Sometimes I post on a topic I've been thinking about, but that's rare. And I actually I do have a couple of those saved up, sitting in my drafts folder, just sitting. Maybe I'm thinking too hard. Maybe I need to make quick little posts as epistles into the future, just odds and ends of our life. That's how it's always been here really. I don't have…

Beachy Getaway - Day Three

Our last day started with a cozy bath in our cottage and lots of love. Mornings with toddlers are glorious. (5 pm not so much.)

After a quick breakfast of whatever we had left over, pbj and crackers and apples,  it was still early enough for us to head back down to the beach before we'd have to check out.

With borrowed toys from the Sandpiper's office in hand, it's just a short jaunt on a crystal clear blue March morning past two or three houses and across the picnic area and parking lot to the shore!

As you come up over that sandy path you just breathe this massive sigh of relief and joy and peace: ahhhhhhhhhh.

Darin took lots of beautiful photos that morning.
Lucy walked in the surf...just a little bit. Which was very brave for her.

The California sun shone graciously.

And this might be my new all time favorite portrait of our toots. 
She also found a dinosaur bone. (her personal favorite part of the trip.)

Someone had told us the little beach snack bar would open since…

Beach Getaway - Day Two

We awoke bright and early to enjoy a cozy morning in our little Stinson Beach cottage. Hot cocoa and coffee (took us a few tries to figure out the coffeemaker, Darin finally went to buy us some from the cafe next door). Tootie said, "I really wish they had marshmallows!" 

The most entertaining activity in the whole house was, of course, climbing the bunkbeds...over and over and over again. Tootie even got to sleep on the top bunk! We are so used to sleeping close together that we all slept in the bunkroom and didn't even use the "master" bedroom. There was a full bed bottom bunk and a very comfy twin trundle also pulled out for Polly.

We headed off for a walk around town.

Stinson Beach has the prettiest fences and gardens. Not to mention that morning light sparkling over Mt. Tam.

The girls loved crossing the little creek through town. I love the rustic feel of the town, this whole part of the coast (especially Bolinas) because even though it could be considere…