Beachy Getaway - Day Three

Our last day started with a cozy bath in our cottage and lots of love. Mornings with toddlers are glorious. (5 pm not so much.)

After a quick breakfast of whatever we had left over, pbj and crackers and apples,  it was still early enough for us to head back down to the beach before we'd have to check out.

With borrowed toys from the Sandpiper's office in hand, it's just a short jaunt on a crystal clear blue March morning past two or three houses and across the picnic area and parking lot to the shore!

As you come up over that sandy path you just breathe this massive sigh of relief and joy and peace: ahhhhhhhhhh.

Darin took lots of beautiful photos that morning.

Lucy walked in the surf...just a little bit. Which was very brave for her.

The California sun shone graciously.

And this might be my new all time favorite portrait of our toots. 

She also found a dinosaur bone. (her personal favorite part of the trip.)

Someone had told us the little beach snack bar would open since it was a Thursday, but it didn't. Still it was a sweet place to hang out for a while and had a calm deserted gritty feeling of an early morning dream.

These moments happen too. We had some funny dynamics going on this trip. Polly pulling Lucy's hair or scratching her, Lucy leaning in and yelling "You not do it...ANY MORE!" And then me desperately trying to explain that yelling isn't going to help Polly learn to be gentle...that quickly gave way to the same exact scenario, but ending in both girls laughing hysterically at each other. Sigh. But who knows what was happening here? It could be anything. She's two.

We went back up to say good bye to our little home that was so very nice to us for a couple days.

We wanted to do one last family portrait at the beach, and were still hoping for that snack bar, so we stopped one last time. Polly was too frazzled and needing a nap to put up with it though, so this is the best we could do.

We headed over Mount Tam on a drive that takes your breath away, and goes much more quickly than I'd remembered. In no time at all we were in Mill Valley having lunch at a spot we remembered we had enjoyed in the past, and Joe's Taco Lounge did not disappoint. Even the business men having lunch right at our backs were jovial and kind about the girls and their normal toddler antics. Polly even tickled one dude's back. We had established a close-quarters-lunchtime rapport. Family eating success again!

After that there was no choice but to head home. We made good time and the girls slept for a long while, only cried the last twenty minutes or so. (grueling)  It was kind of cute as we turned up Pacific Street to hear Lucy calm her fussing sister, "We're ALMOST home Polly. Don't WORRY." 

Thank you ocean. We'll dance back your way one day soon.


TheSteamtrunk said…
Lucy is such a big sister don't you think. What a caring little soul she is, and how frustrating it must be to have a little one pulling on her hair. Beautiful photos indeed. Love their soft round cheeks. Mia's are still entirely kissable and smooshable, my Oscar is looking rather chiselled around the cheeks these days, his skin is still baby smooth but the round plumpness is gone. boo. Lovely holiday Heather, thanks for sharing. x Teeny
Jenna E said…
Heather!!! These pictures are absolutely gorgeous, every single one is a framer!! It looks like you guys had a great vacay


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