I don't know what's gotten into me. I can't seem to bring myself post here! My camera is on the fritz so my photos are unpredictable, but it's got to be more than just that. I have been busy with pretty much nothing new. The spring days are sweet, my babies are delightful and sometimes I go a bit nutso with hormones or with impatience or with just being a lively woman. Maybe none of this is worth reporting. We see our cousins, friends, go on little adventures. What is a blog-able life and why do I care (do I even care?) if I never cared before, just posted whatever we're up to with no further ado. Sometimes I post on a topic I've been thinking about, but that's rare. And I actually I do have a couple of those saved up, sitting in my drafts folder, just sitting. Maybe I'm thinking too hard. Maybe I need to make quick little posts as epistles into the future, just odds and ends of our life. That's how it's always been here really. I don't have to be coherent or present something challenging or unpredictable or predictable or a DIY project. I can just make a little deerpath through clover beds. I can just whirl that little path around our trampoline and blooming trees. The weeds are tall, perfect for egg hunts. We have family coming to town this weekend. I have been working here and there at the bookstore. We just finished rewatching Season three of game of thrones. I have not been eating much dairy because of an ethical epiphany I had when I realized that dairy cows must be separated (almost all of the time) from their calves in order to give their milk to humans instead; it suddenly doesn't sit right and the very nature of dairy (one of my favorite things to eat) has me unsettled. I have been running a couple times a week which is new for me. I enjoy it, which I find most surprising. I went out for drinks with girlfriends, noteworthy in its own right because I have only done that one other time since I had Polly. Polly is teething and she is little (dinky pops says) and I get worried when her appetite seems decreased like the last couple days. She is quick and lithe and energetic and happy and when I swoop her through the air it's like hoisting a feather. Tootie gets the giggles when I act surprised by something, like the net of toys sliding down in the bath and plopping in the water on its own. She has the most addictive giggle and she says the funniest things lately. "That's because I'm just a little girl. I always do things you not like." (with unapologetic glee.) She calls Polly, "Pollywollydoodlealltheday" as the world's longest nickname and leads her sister on wild magical games of pretend with carefree abandon. This time is a treasure that my heart guards.

Cousin jump.

Polly and Scout share miner's lettuce.

Tootie with Utah at a park in Auburn on Friday while Addie gets accupuncture.

They love each other so much. As soon as we get them out they run to each other and throw their arms around each other. (Polly slept through the park visit) and later Lucy leans in close and tells him, "I just love you," and they kiss on the lips.

Our yard is a blossoming place. They beg to go outside from the minute we get up. If Polly sees or hears the door close and she didn't get to go out, like if I ran the trash out, she cries. 

Toward the end of Darin's work day is the witching hour (5:00) and I might call in reinforcements so I can start dinner. Since we usually see Nana earlier in the day, the honor is all Papa's. He helps with odd jobs too, fixing the vacuum, helping me move stuff, carrying out a project I suddenly come up with on the spot. But mostly just being with these girls, taking them on the trampoline, reading to them, throwing them up in the air, exploring with them,

My girl, growing up. Lately she is the snuggliest, and "I just love you" is her new favorite phrase.

Hanging out with friends at Zack and Rebecca's house.

Noni brought over little chef aprons.

Yes we've already been in water quite a bit. Today was the first time they actually wore bathing suits, so I could post some pictures ;)

I shopped my own etsy rack and decided I quite love this dress for springtime.

I'm excited for a lot of fun this weekend: Darin's playing a show with his band, my brother's family is in town, and we are having a big get together Saturday, then Sunday a little local carnival with the girls. Hope your days are bursting with vitality wherever you are, and here's to hoping for more regular posting! 


Jenna E said…
I love your little update. I get like this all of the time with the blogging. I will be on a roll and than I will just get busy and not care about it and completely neglect it. Ahh well. I love that Lucy and Utah are just the best of friends. They are so sweet. And Polly is growing like a weed!!!
Tera said…
What's blog-able? Anything that you can't find on the internet and that is your own life described in only the words you could choose to describe it. Sounds to me you are shedding skin for the spring and don't even know it. Sounds to me you are doing plenty that is new and exciting and have plenty new going on. I just love Lucy's threads! So stylish with her cut offs and sandals! August only wears dresses and refuses to wear pants or shorts. Yep, I was the same way until I left home :) I love Polly's little smile. Happy Spring, Spring I must say I enjoyed this post so much:) I have drafts that need working on too.
Rachel Weaver said…
I am very jealous of your blooming yard and kids playing in water. I want that damn spring to get here already. But jealously aside, I love seeing the snippets of your life and I'll wait around til you find any words you want to throw out here to ye olde internet.
Alice said…
Heather for what it's worth I think all your posts are bloggable. Thank you for sharing your life.
These days when we're awaiting just a little bit of spring (please...) where I live it's especially fun to dream of all the adventures we can get into once the warmer season is here.
Please blog,your instinct on what to write about seems fine:)
anne said…
How blessed you are to have all the family and friends near by to help out! I always enjoy your posts so much, your joy just comes right through the screen :)

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